Travel Gadget: BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds Review

Take your adventure a step up with the great audio of BlueAnt’s Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds

Traveling becomes more enjoyable when you hear your favorite songs on your playlist while you rest your body on the driver’s seat driving your car towards your target attraction. When hiking alone, it feels best to have that groove music resounding in your head as you try to push yourself to reach the summit.

BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds
BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds

Seeking an adventure with your pals would be a lot whole fun when you altogether sing your team song regardless if you’re out of tune or not. You’d also love to serenade your better half while on your third leg of the adventure, but that’s after you’ve practiced singing for several times.

Blueant Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds
Blueant Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds

And all the party and play, whether you’re traveling alone or with someone, can somehow depend on how energetic you become with the music that you hear. Thus, the nice audio quality that you get from wonderful earphones/headsets will affect your travel experience.

BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio
BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio

BlueAnt’s Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds gives you the “best possible sound from the best possible fit.” Its super-fit system consists of small, medium, and large sized tips and stabilizers that effectively provide you the freedom to find the best fit and allow you to “lock the pump in place” so that when you hike, climb, or spelunk, it won’t get easily detached off your ears maintaining that tight seal which renders you the right bass you want.

Note that the earphones are wireless so you’d really want it securely placed as you travel. The sports earbuds connect over Bluetooth and are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even Apple’s iPod Nano. These can be charged via USB connection.

The Pump Mini provides the “heart thumping bass, punchy mids and crisp highs” you need for your journey to be worth an escapade. It’s specifically designed with an Energize HD audio profile that enhances the bass but maintains that clear and clean sound, allowing you to have that smooth, consistent, listening experience.

Aside from an HD audio, a super-fit system, and wireless connectivity, the BlueAnt Pump Mini SportBuds has a built-in microphone that allows you to make calls and a 6-hour max playback time that will get you in the mood for a while. But what’s most enticing for everyone here is that it’s sweat-proof. There’s a rubber gasket covering the micro-USB charging port that prevents sweat or liquid from getting in, but of course, you have to make sure that it’s closed right after you charge to secure the electronics inside the SportBuds.

Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio
Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio

Furthermore, its simple one touch control system makes it easy for you to control volume, play back or skip tracks forward, and answer calls. These features, together with its awesome sound experience, definitely make the Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds one great product to add to your travel kit.

Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds is available at Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond The Box branches. This Wireless HD Audio SportBuds is available in Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange and Red and is priced at Php 4,750. Subscribe to Digits Trading Facebook Fan Page to get updates!

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