Top 10 Bulacan Resorts for 2016

Amana Waterpark Resort in Bulacan

Top Ten Bulacan Resorts for 2016

The new year is in, all the food has been eaten, and all the resolutions have been broken. What is next on the agenda? Why, planning for the next round of festivities, of course! What better way to plan a trip than to check out Bulacan resorts? However, there are so many choices out there that it can make your head spin. Here are the top picks for 2016 to help you make the right choices.

Hidden Sanctuary in Marilao Bulacan

Bulacan Resorts Hidden Sanctuary Resort in Bulacan
Hidden Sanctuary Resort – Bulacan Resorts

Address: M. Villarica Rd, Camansi Prenza 1, Marilao, 3019 Bulacan
Phone: (044) 913 0493

Hidden Sanctuary is not exactly hidden because it has sign and pennant up the wazoo pointing the way. At first glance, it looks just like any wayside resort, fronted by a so-so resto-grill where bands rip up the airwaves every afternoon. However, once you get into the resort, it is a different story. It has two huge wave pools! They also have a kiddie pool for the, well, kiddies. It is a great place if you want fun getting wet, and the day tour is a reasonable PhP150 per adult. You can rent nipa huts or cabanas for groups of up to 30 people if you like, or if you are staying the night, there are hotel rooms for as little as PhP 2,000 for two people with breakfast. Is it the epitome of elegance? It is no Waldorf Astoria, but it is clean, the food is good, and the service is friendly.

Grass Garden Resort and Villas in Plaridel Bulacan

Grass Garden Resort and Villas
Grass Garden Resort and Villas

Location: Sipat, Plaridel, Bulacan

If you like a little more low-key and relaxing, The Grass Garden is a good choice. A bit pricier at PhP 200 per head for a day tour, that is the only drawback. It has a pool like most Vulacan resorts, yes, but it also has a billiard hall, videoke areas, and a basketball court. Cottages go for PhP 300, and the “mini hotel” rooms for PhP2,500, good for six people. It is ideal for company, barkada, and family outings. They also accept reservations for functions.

Jeds Island Resort in Calumpit Bulacan

Jeds Island Resort photo by
Jeds Island Resort photo by

Address: MacArthur Hwy, Calumpit, Bulacan
Phone:(044) 675 1652

On the other hand, if you want to go overboard with the pools and let the kids get all crazy, Jeds is your best bet for Bulacan resorts. It has 11 swimming pools, 2 hanging bridges (hold on to the little ones!), fishing, boating, and horseback riding! Day swimming is PhP150 per head, cabanas at PhP300 up, and air conditioned rooms for overnighters is PhP2,500 for two people. It is just weird they don’t have a website.

Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort in Pandi Bulacan

Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort
Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort

Location: Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan
Mobile: 0933 245 2292

It seems the wave pools are all the rave in Bulacan, and this resort is right up there in the bandwagon. However, Sitio Antonio also has a zip line, raging river, jacuzzi, and Lolong (not the actual giant crocodile!) slide. It is a fun place to visit, and they often have promotions for families and large groups. They even offer their venue free for functions. Day swimming is PhP200 per person and upwards of PhP700 for cottages. No swimming is allowed between 2am and 8am because they that is when they clean all those pools.

Villa Concepcion Wet And Wild Waves in Pandi Bulacan

Villa Concepcion Wet And Wild Waves
Villa Concepcion Wet And Wild Waves

Address: Barangay Masuso, Pandi, Pandi, Bulacan
Phone:(044) 661 8888

Also in Pandi is another “wet and wild” resort with 7 pools, including one big-ass (2,000 sq meters!) wave pool and three with slides, and facilities for videoke, fishing, boating, biking, and playing basketball. Kiddies will probably want to climb up the tree houses or gawk at the mini zoo, while the adults relax in the open-air pavilion. It would make a great venue for a family reunion or company outing. Day rates are at PhP200 per head, but no swimming between 5 and 7 pm, which is when they clean the pools. Good to know.

8 Waves Waterpark and Resort in San Rafael Bulacan

8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel
8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel

Address: Doña Remedios Trinidad Hwy, San Rafael, 3008 Bulacan

The “Eight” 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel touts itself as “Bulacan’s First Name in Waterparks,” maybe because it was established in 1998 or thereabouts. It doesn’t actually have eight wave pools as you might imagine, but it does have one that is big enough to make up for it. At 2,788.52 sq. meters, the main wave pool is one of the largest in Asia and the Philippines, and we are not talking about little waves, either. Waves can get so high that it literally knocks you off your feet. You also get the Noah’s Ark slide for the kiddies, a lap pool, three Hydro-jet bubble pools, and Safari Pools with Slides, and Neptune’s Diner for your foodies. Adults pay PhP200 for day swimming from Monday to Thursday, but waves and bubbles are only available from Friday to Sunday, when the rates are PhP250.

Amana Waterpark in Pandi Bulacan

Amana Waterpark Resort in Bulacan
Amana Waterpark Resort in Bulacan

Location: Pandi Bulacan

If you want a taste of luxury, you should try Amana waterpark. It has an even bigger-ass wave pool (3,500 sq meters!) and features 13 different kinds of waves, including the formidable “Tsunami” wave. If wet is not your style, you can try horseback riding, go to the picnic grove, ride the Super Maxrider (PhP80 per ride) or, scare yourself on the zipline (PhP100, only available on Saturday and Sunday). The resort also has more than 100 life-size figures all over the park if you are into selfies (who isn’t?). Day swimming is PhP250 a head, but you only get to enjoy the waves from Monday to Friday if there are at least 50 people in the park. Best to go on Saturday and Sunday when there is no minimum headcount. Cottages are from PhP 600 up and rooms are PhP2,800 for two people.

Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort in Bulakan Bulacan

Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort
Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort

Book Online via Agoda
Address: Libo Street, Barangay San Nicolas
Telephone: (044) 792 2870

Cool Waves is in the middle of a rice field, so it is a cozy little place to relax and enjoy in. True to the area, it has two wave pools, but the nicest thing about this particular resort is the beautiful sunrise. The service is also good. While it is not hotel quality, it is cheerful and friendly, which if you just want to de-stress is a lot more effective. You might also want to try out the Fresh Water Helmet Diving and Fish Spa, just for the heck of it. Daytime swimming is PhP180, and you can stay overnight for as little PhP400 if you don’t mind an open cottage. Air-conditioned rooms for up to 6 people is PhP 2,000 (Attic Room).

Sitio Lucia Garden Resort Hotel in Sta. Maria Bulacan

Sitio Lucia Garden Resort
Sitio Lucia Garden Resort

Address: Km. 40 Fidel de Jesus St., Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria 3020
Phone:(044) 641 1046

This is a Jurassic-themed resort sure to give your kids a good first impression. However, the resort caters more to companies for training, team building, and company events than family outings. You can still have a good time away from work with their six themed pools, game room, billiards and KTV. You can even enjoy a set of volleyball or badminton if you feel like it. Rates are quite reasonable with day swimming at PhP150 per head and air-conditioned cabana rooms good for 6 people for PhP1,200. Hotel rooms go for PhP2,800 good for two (includes entrance fee and breakfast).

Villa Lorenzo Resort in Pulilan Bulacan

Villa Lorenzo Resort
Villa Lorenzo Resort

Location: Pulilan, Philippines
Telephone: (044) 676-1400 SUN (0932-8584552)

Villa Lorenzo is unexpectedly nice, because the amenities sound quite humdrum. It has 4 pools (2 for adults, 2 for kiddies), a restaurant, and not much else. What the website does not show is that it has a rocking stage right by the largest pool. Pool parties can go on all night! The resort invites kickass DJs to rev up the mood, and the light show is fantastic. For company outings, barkada nights, and family reunions, this is the best of the Bulacan resorts on the list.

These Bulacan Resorts all have one thing in common: pools. Some are more suitable than others are for certain purposes. Hopefully, this list of the top 10 places for your next resort experience in 2016 can help you choose the right one.

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