6 Tips on How to Travel Light like a Pro

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Quick Tips on How to Travel Light

Traveling is a thrilling experience for everyone especially when it is your first time visiting the place. And most of us might think that it’s too exciting to travel but its also too hassle to pack our things. But for those who can properly pack their baggage in a very minimal way has that self-achievement and self-satisfaction that only they can feel. But don’t worry, the following tips will get you to travel light like a pro:

Pick the right bag

Pick the right travel bag
Pick the right travel bag

You don’t have to bring a lot of bags when traveling. You should bear in mind that traveling means going into places and you don’t want to drag yourself in bringing that huge luggage and numerous bags. When you travel, set your mind to bring only one baggage for your stuff that you will leave in the hotel and a little bag for your essentials like travel documents and money.

What I do: I usually travel with my 30-liter backpack bag for my clothes and one small bag to put my wallet, phone, and passport. This usually saves me space in the car and money for booking check-in baggage when traveling on-air.

Organized your stuff

Packing cubes
Packing cubes

Use compression bags or packing cubes to organize your clothes and properly fold it to fit in your bag to maximize the space. You can use a small pouch to organize your small stuff.

What I do: I fold and roll all my clothes before piling it in my bag. I pile starting from the clothes that I will wear on the last day up to the clothes that I will wear the soonest so I don’t have to rummage my bag, and re-fold my clothes.

Plan your clothes

Bring the right clothes
Bring the right clothes

Yes, you also have to plan what you will wear on your travel. Bring only clothes that are needed in your journey and do not bring those just in case stuff. You can bring multipurpose clothes with you. Check the places you will go to, and wear clothes that are suitable for the climate and activities you will have.

What I do: I plan my activities ahead, so I could bring only the clothes that I’ll be needed.

Limit your shoes

How to Travel Light
How to Travel Light

Choose the right shoes to bring, multipurpose shoes if possible. You don’t have to change for every event in your travel, choose the one that is flexible and comfortable to wear. Do not exceed three pairs of shoes.

What I do: I bring one multipurpose shoes for outdoor activities and a slipper for staying at the hotel or on the beach.

Leave your toiletries or bring in small containers

Travel Toiletries in small refillable containers
Travel Toiletries in small refillable containers via DepositPhotos

You can share toiletries with your colleagues or just buy them at the place where you will stay. This will save space in your luggage.

What I do: I usually ask my hotel if they offer toiletries so I won’t have to worry about bringing my own, especially the towel. I also bought small refillable containers so I can just bring enough amount of liquid soap, shampoo, and lotion based on the number of days I will be on vacation.

Don’t pack heavy and thick clothes (unless its winter)

Tips on How to Pack Light photo via DepositPhotos
Tips on How to Pack Light photo via DepositPhotos

Bring your thin cotton clothes when going to tropical places, and thin thermal wears when going to cold places. If you need to pack your jacket choose the thinnest one and wear it. Also, limit your jeans to one pair if possible and bring shorts or skirts. You don’t have to pack your big towel as well, you can bring a sarong with you or a hand towel.

What I do: I wear my jacket and only bring my comfy thin clothes with me.

Overall, only bring your must-have things while traveling. This will save your energy and money as well. On your next travel don’t forget these tips, and let your colleagues be amazed at how pro packer you can be.

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