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An international trip brings huge smiles and happiness on ones face. Everyone wants to know how other countries are. They also want to know about their culture, they wish to know about the world, the different colors the whole world carries. Going on a world tour is just like a dream come true for many, as not everyone can afford it. But, one question that comes across everyone’s mind is that is it safe to travel abroad? Is it safe to travel to a country which is completely unknown to you?

HongKong International Airport
HongKong International Airport

Now, you can put all these questions to rest, because yes, traveling internationally is fun and safe provided you follow certain tips for your own safety. Normally, when you travel to some other country, you get complete assistance from the people in the embassy. But, there are some moments when only you can take care of yourself due to the absence of your local embassy in the country your visiting. Just like the way you live in your own country. Accidents are a part of life, but what we can do is keep ourselves safe by preventing ourselves from some bad events.

Unlike airport safety protocols where you will be subjected to some serious check, there are few things that you can avoid from becoming a target of burglars and other goons. Do not wear any expensive jewelry, which shows that you are a tourist, do not carry a lot of cash and watch the dresses you wear. Adjust your wardrobe according to the locality where you are going. Also avoid carrying a lot of things. Just take a few good things. There are two benefits of this, you will not catch wrong eyes and carrying your things will become easy for you. Your safety in some situation lies in your hand. Always carry small denominations of the currency, do not just go for big notes. This will avoid all those who follow the foreigners and attack them.

Also avoid going to the non-crowded places. Most of the crime scenes take place at lonely places because here there is no one who can listen to you should. Always go with friends and also don’t be alone if you need some privacy. You must take very good care of your valuables, if you are carrying any and also place your passport in a safe in the hotel only. You are required to take special care of your passport because your passport is your ultimate proof of identity.

You should prefer carrying credit cards instead of cash because if by some means you come in contact with a thief, you can money and one can stop the credit card payments at anytime. You should also mention your address on anything and everything that you carry, be it your luggage, be it any small diary or paper and must keep your address in your pocket every time you travel abroad. God forbid, but if something happens, then they know who you are and can call your family to take care of you.

Sure! Adventure trips are cool, you can certainly travel alone in Nepal or reward yourself to US Rail Holidays but uncertainties can happen with anyone, so just don’t overthink about things, just be careful as wisely said by someone that “precautions are always better than cure”.

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