Tips for Finding Affordable Flights

We’re all looking for the cheapest flights, right? I mean, who wants to pay more than you have to for a flight? Over the years I’ve gone on my fair share of flights, and sometimes I’ve paid a premium because I made common mistakes.

But I’ve also learned from those mistakes. Want to find cheap flights? Well here are my tips for making the most out of your cheap flight search…

  1. Start Early – This may not always be an option, but as soon as you know you are going on a trip, or if you are thinking about going somewhere, start monitoring and booking flights via to see what prices are like.
  2. Check the Discount Schedule – This is my favorite one. Rather than looking on the exact dates you want to go, search for the flight you want one week from today, two weeks from today, and one month from today. Check flights during high season and during low season. You’ll get a range of how much it might cost you to go. Some airlines sell cheap seats just before the day of the flight, so look and see when you should be buying the tickets.
  3. Shop Around – Obviously, you should use more than one flight search engine. Sites like,, and all have different agreements with the airlines they provide results for. But they also don’t provide results for all airlines. Budget airlines like Ryan Air in the UK and Europe or Southwest Airlines in the US are not included on a lot of the search engine sites.

I love to travel, and I love to save money on my flight so I have more to spend when I get there. I subscribe to a bunch of different airline’s weekly travel deals, as well as travel updates from sites like Trip Advisor, because that way I always know when a deal is coming up.


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