Three Great Places For Solo Travelers

Great Places to Visit For Solo Travelers

Many articles talk about the best places to take a family or the perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds, but there are not a lot out there for the solitary trekker. Traveling alone is an experience that most people never have, but it can often prove to be one of the most life-changing experiences a person can have.

You’re totally placed in your own head and must rely on yourself to get by. Traveling in a foreign country that speaks another language can add a whole new dynamic to the experience. Here’s a list of three places that are great destinations for those who want to get away on a personal journey and go solo:

New Zealand

Milford Sound New Zealand
Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand is a place that has become synonymous with its breathtaking scenery. It has a diverse landscape that ranges from snow-capped mountains to desert-like regions.

The ecology of the country is just as diverse and has been popularized in recent big-budget Hollywood films. It offers an array of locations where you can stay in four-star hotels and experience the finest dining and accommodation, or where you can camp out under the stars.

New Zealand can be as affordable or as expensive as you want it to be, but one thing you’ll take away from it is the ride.

Like with most countries, you can take bus tours and drive to locations where you can learn and partake in the indigenous population’s customs and take in the scenic beauty. New Zealand is a stand-alone experience that is worth doing at least once.


La Palma Spain
La Palma Spain

Many say that the country is very romantic and should be experienced with another person, but the country offers so much that it can easily make a solo trip exceptional.

If you’re worried about getting around and the language barrier, there are apps that you can download on your smartphone to help you get around or translate the language for you.

It’s more advisable to use these devices sparing though because Spain should be all about getting lost in the place. You want to immerse yourself in a place, especially when it’s a foreign culture.

The Spanish are friendly people that can teach anyone about adding passion to their lives while taking in the beautiful Mediterranean climate.


If you’re an American and you’re thinking of traveling, but you don’t want to necessarily spend the time and money of traveling to another country, Alaska is the place to go.

It’s almost like going to another world. Many people have the misconception that Alaska looks like the Arctic, but it doesn’t. Yes, it is colder there, but it’s filled with mountainous views and rich wildlife that you can see from anywhere.

Summer in Alaska
Summer in Alaska

It’s hard to get around it, given that there’s not a lot of development in the state, but that’s one of the wonderful things about it. It’s one of the most pristine and untouched places you can see in the world that still shows us a bit of the “wild” that’s quickly fading away.

Any of these locations are great, but if you’re looking for the best place in the world to get away by yourself, the answer is anywhere. It oftentimes has nothing to do with the location and everything to do with the experience.

Though different locations offer a whole set of experiences, the greatest thing you’ll take away from any vacation is the time you spend by yourself just living the time. You’re shared memories will be with a place and not a person, and that’s something worth having.

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