Top 12 Best Things to do in Pristina, Kosovo

What are the top tourist attractions in Pristina?

Gracanica Monastery by Sasa Micic via Wikipedia CC

Pristina Bucket List: 10 Best Places to Visit in Pristina, Kosovo

The city of Pristina is well known for its historic monuments and architectural beauty. The Old City hosts many cafes, restaurants, and shopping options. It is also the perfect place to learn more about its rich history given the city’s experiences in the past. You’ll be surprised to discover how much the country is significant to the whole of Europe.

Nevertheless, there is something for everyone to enjoy during your stay here at Pristina, from young adults looking for the time of their lives to families wanting to enjoy an authentic tourism experience! The city has incredible cafes and bars offering memorable nightlife for young adults. Moreover, there are also lots of restaurants, art galleries, and landmarks that people of all ages can enjoy!

However, for me, the best experience is walking around the Old City at night and having a close look at how architecture and history mix with modern sensibilities in this amazing democracy. Alright, are you excited? Here are the 12 Best Things to do in Pristina, Kosovo!

Explore the Kosovo National Art Gallery

National Gallery of Kosovo by Bdx via Wikipedia CC
National Gallery of Kosovo By Bdx – Own work, CC0,  CC

The best way to explore and appreciate the country is always by knowing more about their rich culture and history. That’s why the first thing that we should do in Pristina is to visit the Kosovo National Art Gallery! That’s right, this establishment is the highest institution of visual arts in the whole Republic of Kosovo.

It features an enormous collection of arts depicting the culture and artistic prowess of the people of Kosovo. Oh, it’s also situated inside the University of Pristina Campus; that’s why many academic papers such as books, catalogs, and brochures are also featured in the gallery.

Tour Around the Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa

Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa, Pristina by Arianit via Wikipedia CC
Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa, Pristina By Arianit – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  CC

One of the most iconic personalities in Christianity and the whole world is Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She is an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary who helped and touched the hearts of millions of people all around the world.

And a grand cathedral was constructed in her name in Pristina, Kosovo. The cathedral also serves as the primary location of some of the most significant celebrations of Christianity.

Visit the Gracanica Monastery

Gracanica Monastery by Sasa Micic via Wikipedia CC
Gracanica Monastery By Sasa Micic – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Another must-visit place you should try is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features an exceptional Serbian architecture design and interesting tomb-like structures. This is the Gracanica Monastery; it also features some of the most beautiful art collections, paintings, and treasures of the Byzantine Empire!

Be Mesmerized by the Sinan Pasha Mosque

Sinan Pasha Mosque by Drilon5 via Wikipedia CC
Sinan Pasha Mosque By Drilon5 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Next on the list is another beautiful structure depicting men’s immense dedication and craftsmanship, the Sinan Pasha Mosque. This religious and historic structure is one of the most important for the whole country. The Mosque is already an attraction given its striking facade and exterior; that’s why the scenic view of the streets and the famous Ottoman Bridge is a bonus!

Go Back in Time on the Old Stone Bridge

The old Stone Bridge and city of Prizren, Kosovo by Bujar Gashi via Wikipedia CC
The old Stone Bridge and city of Prizren, Kosovo By Bujar I Gashi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The Old Stone Bridge located over the Prizren Lumbardh is also a favorite destination for local and international tourists because it embodies the “old-world” vibe of the place. The bridge has been a huge part of Kosovo’s history and economic success, so taking the time to appreciate its beauty really means a lot for the people of Kosovo.

Experience Turkish Bath at the Gazi Mehmet Pasha

That’s right, the next destination features another important part of the history of Turkish Civilization. The Turkish Bath of Gazi Mehmet Pasha or Hamam is a 16th-century structure that serves as a living reminder to the people of Kosovo about a significant time in their history where the Ottoman-ruled over their people.

Go Hiking in the Sharr Mountains National Park

Sharr Mountains National Park by Ben Njeri via Wikipedia CC
Sharr Mountains National Park By Ben Njeri – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Pristina is not all about historic structures and ruins; if you’re looking for an exciting adventure featuring the beautiful wonders of nature, then you are at the right place! The Sharr Mountains National Park is a popular haven for hiking and mountain climbing enthusiasts. The mountain range extends from Kosovo all the way to northeastern Albania! The scenery is also breathtaking, as if you’re on a quest towards the fictional Middle Earth!

Tour the Imperial Mosque of Pristina

Imperial Mosque of Pristina by Ardianlumi via Wikipedia CC
Imperial Mosque of Pristina By Ardianlumi – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

You also shouldn’t miss the chance to admire the mesmerizing beauty of the Imperial Mosque in Pristina. It is built in honor of the great Sultan Mehmet II Fatih; the structure is as grand as it can be, featuring the heights of Ottoman architecture.

Several tourists love to take pictures with it in the background as it was also declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance by the country.

Go Shopping at the Bazaar of Pristina

Whenever we go on an adventure or a vacation, we always want to bring something home, right? Well, the best place to do that here is to go shopping at the Pristina Bazaar! Score countless deals of fresh produce, cultural items, woven ornaments, necklaces, and figures, and delicacies are all waiting for you right here. So make sure to prepare your wallets because it’ll be a big day!

Explore the Gadime Caves of the Mesozoic Era

Marble Cave by Arben Llapashtica via Wikipedia CC
Marble Cave By Arben Llapashtica – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  CC

Yup, the Gadime Caves or Marble Caves is another hidden gem you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Kosovo. It is a karstic limestone cave that is believed to belong in the Mesozoic Era. Most parts of the cave are still unexplored, but the raw beauty and amazing creation of nature make the Marble Cave special.

Wave at the Bill Clinton Statue

Statue of Bill Clinton in Pristina by Fanny Schertizer via Wikipedia CC
Statue of Bill Clinton in Pristina By Fanny Schertzer – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Another tourist attraction and an iconic tradition while visiting Kosovo is by taking a picture with the statue of former US President Bill Clinton. It somehow serves as a statement that you have been to the beautiful country of Kosovo. The people of Kosovo are thankful to Bill Clinton because of the significant help provided by the US government during the Kosovo War and Yugoslavia Conflict.

Experience Turkish Coffee at Pristina, Kosovo’s Cafes

Turkish Coffee in Pristina Kosovo photo via Pixabay
Turkish Coffee in Pristina Kosovo photo via Pixabay

Kosovo is known for its great coffee, so it would be a shame if you missed it during this trip, right? So for the last item on this list, I want you to go and explore the city of Pristina to find some of the best cafes and restaurants serving some of the best-tasting Turkish Coffee! Some cafes you should look for are the Dit’ e Nat’, The White Tree Hostel, and Liburnia.

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Hotel Garden Pristina – Located just 1 km from the M2 Highway, and 5 km from the 1461 Imperial Mosque and the Kosovo Museum. The elegant rooms offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minibars, plus tea and coffeemakers and rainfall showers; some have sitting areas. There’s an upscale restaurant and a trendy bar with floor-to-ceiling windows. Amenities include an outdoor pool, a terrace and sun loungers, plus a spa area.

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