Top 12 Best Things to do in Cavite Province

What is there to do in the Province of Cavite?

No other place that can engage you both body and mind. Walk or bike around the island while enjoying the historical sites in Corregidor.

Cavite Bucket List: Top 12 things to see and do in Cavite

Cavite is one the most significant and popular provinces in the country, thanks to its huge contributions to the Philippines’ history, culture, and tourism. When we talk about the Philippine revolution, only a few things first come to mind, and one of those things is Cavite.

“Land of the Brave” is what Filipinos call Cavite because the province is the hometown of several national heroes. Moreover, it is also said that all Cavitenos are brave and formidable. We all know that the province is where our independence as a country was first announced to the world after more than three (3) centuries of being under the Spanish government.

Aside from its historical significance, Cavite is also a haven of tourist attractions. With that being said, one of the tourism giants in the country is actually situated in Cavite, and that is the iconic Tagaytay City.

Are you planning to visit Cavite anytime soon? In that case, let me help you, and together we’ll discover the 12 Best Things to do in Cavite!

Explore the Famous Kaybiang Tunnel

Kaybiang Tunnel by McNeil Gaila via Wikipedia cc
Kaybiang Tunnel By McNeil Gaila – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

First on the list is Cavite’s most popular pit stop, especially for motorcycle and bicycle riders. Kaybiang Tunnel was popularized even more by “riders” because of its enchanting view. The tunnel is considered to be the longest subterranean tunnel in the country.

On one weekend, riders from Manila posted photos of the Kaybiang Tunnel on social media; hundreds of tourists flocked to it and made it a tourism landmark for Cavite and Batangas as it connects Ternate and Nasugbu.

Have a Relaxing Swim at Balite Falls

Balite Falls in Amadeo Cavite by Raymund James Bare via Wikipedia cc
Balite Falls in Amadeo Cavite By Raymund James Bare – Balite Falls, CC BY 2.0,  cc

Nestled in Amadeo, Cavite is a simple yet beautifully clean waterfall that easily captured the hearts of tourists. Balite Falls is known for its clean and cold streams of water, where locals love to swim around and refresh themselves with the majestic scenery in the resorts.

Oh, and aside from marveling over the Balite Falls, you should also take your time and explore around the town of Amadeo, which is known for its best-tasting coffee products!

Climb Atop Mt. Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro Hike
Pico de Loro Hike

Another one of Cavite’s iconic tourist destinations and attractions is Mt. Pico De Loro. Towering at an elevation of 688 meters, this dormant volcano became a premier hiking destination for tourists from all over the country. It is also a top hiking spot for first-time hikers because of its moderate elevation!

From the top of Mt. Pico De Loro, tourists will be able to witness the breathtaking views of Cavite’s skyline and majestic mountain ridges.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Bulalo in Tagaytay!

Batangas Bulalo at Plum Restaurant
Batangas Bulalo at Plum Restaurant

Tara, Tagaytay? As I’ve mentioned earlier, Cavite houses one of the tourism giants in the entire Philippines, which is Tagaytay City. It became the go-to destination of several tourists, especially those coming from Metro Manila, to take a quick weekend getaway or break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Due to the high elevation and cold temperature in Tagaytay, one of the best things to do there is to take a sip of their famous Bulalo. This iconic Filipino dish is a light-colored soup made of beef shanks and bone marrow. Yum!

Visit St. Mary Magdalene Church

St. Mary Magdalene Church in Kawin by Ramon FVelasquez via Wikipedia cc
St. Mary Magdalene Church in Kawit By Ramon FVelasquez – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Our next destination is a popular attraction because of its historical and religious importance. St. Mary Magdalene Church is the parish church of Cavite’s capital city, Kawit. The church is considered to be one of the oldest churches established in the Philippines. It is even said that one of our national heroes, President Emilio Aguinaldo, was baptized in this very church.

One of St. Mary Magdalene Church’s most popular attractions is the miraculous image of St. Mary Magdalene herself. She has a mark in the middle of her forehead, which is the symbolic mark of Jesus’s fingertip when He was resurrected.

Wander Around Corregidor Island

No other place that can engage you both body and mind. Walk or bike around the island while enjoying the historical sites in Corregidor.
No other place can engage you both body and mind. Walk or bike around the island while enjoying the historical sites in Corregidor.

Corregidor Island is a significant place symbolizing the courage of our Filipino soldiers during the world war. It is an island located in the southwestern part of Luzon designed to protect Manila from incoming enemy attacks. To date, coastal artillery pieces that were once used in the world war are still standing in Corregidor to serve as a reminder of how our brave soldiers gave their lives for our country.

Up to this date, several tourists are still visiting Corregidor Island to admire its beauty and significance in Philippine history.

Have a Blast at Sky Ranch!

Sky Ranch Tagaytay photo by @anielsison via Unsplash
Sky Ranch Tagaytay photo by @anielsison via Unsplash

That’s right! If you’re in Cavite and you’d like to have yourself some fun and exciting activities, then Sky Ranch Tagaytay is the best place for you! This amusement park quickly became a hit for tourists in Cavite, especially in Tagaytay City, thanks to the park’s wide selection of engaging rides and attractions to spice up their trips!

With their Ride, All You Can promo, feel free to maximize your day and try all of their exciting rides such as Bumper Boat, Nessi Coaster, Mini Viking, Bumper Car, and of course, the iconic Sky Eye. This gigantic Ferris wheel is said to be the tallest in the entire country!

Tapsilog Hunting

Tapsilog by Yvette Tan via Flickr
Tapsilog by Yvette Tan via Flickr

With all of the exciting and irresistible attractions that Cavite offers, it’s only natural that you get tired and hungry from all the activities! Well, don’t you worry because Cavite still got you covered? Tapsilog Hunting is the best thing you should do whenever you’re craving a gastronomic adventure in the province.

The Tapsilog is a famous breakfast dish in the Philippines where it is made up of tasty beef slices, fried rice, and fried egg. It is usually paired with a dipping vinegar sauce that perfectly balances the sweet and salty flavor of the beef! Cavite has countless restaurants and tapsihan out there that you should definitely try!

Embrace Your Inner Plantito/Plantita

Medicinal plants grow in abundance in Nurture Wellness Spa
Medicinal plants grow in abundance in Nurture Wellness Spa

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us in 2020, we were forced to stay at home. This is where the Filipino term “Plantito” and “Plantita” was born. These terms refer to individuals who can’t get enough of taking care of plants at home. They keep on searching for more plants to buy and grow in their own homes!

Well, if you’re a certified plantito/plantita, then Cavite sure is a haven for you! You can spot countless stores and stalls around the province where you can score great deals on rare and beautiful species of plants!

Fall in Love with Boracay de Cavite Beach

Boracay de Cavite Beach Sunset by tacit requiem via Flickr cc
Boracay de Cavite Beach Sunset by tacit requiem via Flickr cc

Who wouldn’t want to visit the iconic Boracay Island of Aklan province, right? Well, for northerners who find it hard to visit Boracay, you should definitely go and try visiting Boracay de Cavite Beach! It is actually a small cove located at the Katungkulan Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite, hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches near Manila. With its white beaches, crystalline turquoise waters, and beautiful coves, Boracay de Cavite Beach is certainly a must-visit destination for beach lovers!

Drop By Yoki’s Farm

Yoki’s Farm photo via FB Page
Yoki’s Farm photo via FB Page

A family-friendly destination in Tagaytay City where all family members can enjoy and be closer to nature and wildlife is the famous Yoki’s Farm. This 10-hectare farm consists of several attractions such as the museum, farm table restaurant, the largest hydroponics farm in the Philippines, and the famous zoo where you can meet and feed horses, pigs, and zebras!

Be Mesmerized by the Beautiful Malibiclibic Falls

Malibiclibic Falls by Rochelle Vergara via Wikimedia cc
Malibiclibic Falls By Rochelle Vergara – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  cc

Finally, our final destination is the heavenly Malibiclibic Falls. It is a small natural wonder resulting from a convergence of three (3) rivers that are flowing from Magallanes, Aguinaldo, and Maragondon Cavite.

Countless tourists flock to Malibiclibic Falls to enjoy its picturesque scenery and beautiful rock formations streaming with cold and crystalline waters!

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