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Things to do in Canary Island

Canary Island is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. According to Wikipedia, Canary islands is located in the northwest coast across the mainland in Africa. The island has a major presence of Spanish community, in fact,  even though geographically it is located in the African continent, the island is recognized as a part of Spain. Quite interesting, isn’t it!

canary islands tourism
Coast El Golfo (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Canary Islands is credited with many tourist attractions. Some of the popular attractions include beautiful beaches, the Teide national Park as well as Mount Teide which is among the tallest volcanoes in the world. The presence of the sub-tropical climate makes this place suitable for enjoying vacations for all tourists irrespective of age and culture.

There are many things that the visitors can get engaged in after reaching Canary Islands. Surfing and Scuba diving are the two best activities that you can do in Gran Canaria. First of all, travellers can find Surf Camps which will teach the interested travellers how to surf in those beautiful beaches. Some of the popular surf camps in Canary Islands include 7 Island Surf School as well as Lava Flow Surf School.

Another major activity that the travellers can get engaged with includes Scuba Diving which is one of the popular activities of the island. Many Scuba Diving camps are present in the Canary Islands with professional instructors in place.

Loro Parque also known as Parrot Park is also one of the major tourist attractions in the Canary Islands. The park is comprised of as many as 4000 parrots of 350 species. Other attractions in the park include the presence of a zoo as well as a bigger aquarium. Another place to visit is the Timanfaya National park which was created by volcanic eruption.

Playa Del Ingles is the most popular beach in the islands followed by Masapalomas and also Amadores beach. Travellers can also enjoy boat riding in the Canary Islands. And while cruising, travellers can enjoy the scene of whales as well as dolphins swimming across the sea, which adds to the experience.

Another must to do thing for the travellers in Canary Islands is trying out tasting the local cuisine which is a mix of Spanish, Latin as well as African cultures. Most of their diet is basically based around Fish. Some of the popular fish dishes include Caldereta which is a meal that is prepared with tomatoes. It is accompanied by a wine or beer at the time of dining.

Teide National Park allows the travellers to reach the summit. The cable car in the park will take the travellers up to 12,198 feet of Mount Teide and will stop approximately 1000 feet below the top of the summit from where the travellers will have to trek until the top of the summit. This will add adventure to the fun. The scene from the summit is breathtaking. It is something travellers don’t want to miss while travelling to Canary Islands.

Canary Islands is sure to provide the visitors with an unforgettable experience that they can cherish forever in their memories.

Written by Melo Villareal

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