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Top 8 Things To Do in Apple Valley, California

What are the top tourist spots in Apple Valley?

California Route 66 Museum photo by Sanfel via Wikipedia CC

Bucket List: 8 Best Places to Visit in Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley, California, is more than its reputation of being the dream town to live in. With perpetual sunny days and a welcoming atmosphere, you’re sure to find some of the best attractions on every block! Enjoy museums, sceneries, and hearty meals with every recommendation on this list.

Ready to explore Apple Valley? Read on!

Travel Back In Time with California Route 66 Museum

California Route 66 Museum photo by Sanfel via Wikipedia CC
California Route 66 Museum photo By Sanfel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Look into Apple Valley’s roots with historical and contemporary exhibitions in this interactive museum! Route 66 has seen different cultural, geographical, and historical influences since the 1920s.

Aside from historical knowledge, you’ll leave this museum with the best pictures: pose by vintage cars, the Love Bus, and 50s diners!

Walk and Bike Through the Mojave Riverwalk

Immerse in the outdoors right after your museum visit! Whether you bring a bike or not, you can enjoy this breathtaking trail.

Bike, run, walk, or jog with family and friends. Explore the college the Riverwalk takes you to, or relish the views by the river.

Fish, Golf, and Play at the Mojave Narrows Regional Park

Mojave Narrows Regional Park photo via FB Page
Mojave Narrows Regional Park photo via FB Page

Once you stop being mesmerized by the lush greenery in Mojave Narrows Regional Park, it’s time to be active! Fish year-round at the lakes with your family, or explore trails while horseback riding.

Not a fan of horses? Walkthrough the trails instead! Stay for a couple of days in the camping sites, and make sure you get impressive photographs of the surrounding nature.

Visit Furry Friends at Hesperia Zoo

Hesperia Zoo photo via FB Page
Hesperia Zoo photo via FB Page

Do you still want more of the outdoors? It’s time to discover more of the natural kingdom. Just right by Apple Valley is the Hesperia Zoo! It covers over ten acres of the desert, offering exotic birds and mammals at every turn.

Plan your visit ahead with your loved ones – and make sure you bring the kids along!

Play Around at Corwin Park

If you tire of exploring Apple Valley, you can regroup at Corwin Park! Sit by the shade, eat on benches, and let your kids run around and play. After some time, you can go ahead and travel around Apple Valley some more.

Visit an Amazing View at Deadman’s Point

Deadmans Point photo via FB Page
Deadmans Point photo via FB Page

This natural rock formation is a beautiful testimony of the magic of nature. As you hike or walk along the trails, make sure to take pictures to preserve memories! It gets its name from looking like a dead man on its back from certain angles.

Have a Big Meal at Mollie’s Kountry Kitchen

Mollie’s Kountry Kitchen photo via FB Page
Mollie’s Kountry Kitchen photo via FB Page

Experience the best country breakfast of your life at Mollie’s Kountry Kitchen! The fresh food will take you back to its first days in the 1950s.

From its unique breakfasts, hearty lunches, and delicious desserts, you’re sure to crave this diner for days after your visit.

Explore the Apple Valley Legacy Museum

Apple Valley Legacy Museum
Apple Valley Legacy Museum

Go back in time in this Legacy Museum. From Apple Valley artifacts to news and scrapbooks, you get to see how the residents lived out this town’s history! View different collections made by the community and take a trip down memory lane.

Did you enjoy all our recommendations? We hope you explore Apple Valley today! Get your fill of history and scenery in one town.

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