2017 World’s 10 Safest Countries To Live In

Living in peace and harmony is what many of us want and dream of. Who wouldn’t want to live in a country where you can walk around safely without being so paranoid about the bad guys? Isn’t it nice to live in a country where the government takes safety and security seriously? What about living in a country without too many natural disasters, or is ready to face what nature has to throw?

The World’s 10 Of The Safest Countries To Live In (2017)
The World’s 10 Of The Safest Countries To Live In (2017)

To guide people on which country is the safest to live in, the Institute for Economics and Peace, or EIP, release a list each year. The Global Peace Index indicates a country’s peacefulness. Here are 10 countries that rank high on the Global Peace Index:

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After being ousted by the Federation of Malaya several years ago, Singapore stood up on its own feet lead by the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Several years later, Singapore became one of the few countries that have an AAA rating from all credit agencies, which tells how good a country’s economy is doing.

Singapore’s government has made good efforts on keeping its streets clean and orderly. Crime and corruption are kept well under control and to a minimum.

Shark Seas at SEA Aquarium Singapore
Shark Seas at SEA Aquarium Singapore

Being on the high end of the world’s credit rating, Singapore’s per capita income is also on the higher end. The country has transformed to one of Southeast Asia’s commercial and financial centers. Manufacturing and trading is the country’s top sources of income.

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9th – NORWAY

Did you know that Norway recorded only 34 murders in 2008? In world standards, this is one of the lowest rates. This is why police officers in Norway don’t carry guns. The country respects personal freedom and human rights, allowing its inhabitants to live in security. So far, Norway hasn’t received any threat or acts of terrorism.


In economic terms, Norway has vast reserves of seafood, natural gas, petroleum, minerals, lumber, and fresh water. This is a good indication of how peaceful and good a country Norway is.

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8th – JAPAN

Being near to the Pacific ring of fire, there’s no denying that Japan has suffered through a lot of natural disasters, including the recent earthquake in Fukushima that damaged parts of the country. But don’t be discouraged by this – Japan still holds a good record in terms of criminal activity. It has lower levels of violence and robberies when compared to other industrial nations. This can be a product of the country’s strict laws, culture, and discipline.

Kyoto Japan
Kyoto Japan

In terms of population, Japan lies on the top 50 of the countries with the densest population per square mile, and it is the 10th country with the highest population. The Japanese people have high life expectancy and low infant mortality rate, which accounts for the high population.

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7th – CANADA

When it comes to human rights and freedom, Canada is one of the countries that highly respect it. Their government even made a policy the encourages people living there not to change their culture and traditions. This kind of policy is not present in many countries.

Niagara Falls - Fall in Love in Canada
Niagara Falls – Fall in Love in Canada

The crime rate in Canada is considered low, and this is a great factor if you are looking to live in a peaceful and safe country.

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Batumi Georgia
Batumi Georgia

Are you looking to live in a country where you can walk around safely even at night time? Georgia is a safe place to live in. Its crime rate – terrorism, theft, murder, homicide, robbery, etc – is very low, making its index of safety quite remarkable,
You will also enjoy the peace and quiet of its national parks, UNESCO heritage sites, coastlines, mountain ranges, and much more.


New Zealand is not only safe, but its economy is stable and strong as well. Its foreign policies and political system are also another reason why one would love to live in New Zealand.

New Zealand
New Zealand

And while New Zealand’s population has increased, its crime rate has managed to decline. This only means that New Zealand provides a good living condition to its inhabitants. And one will also enjoy the scenic landscapes of the country.

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This country is known for its place in history and what has been left of it. Austria is also filled with snow-capped mountainous landscapes, and this can be enough to make you want to live in Austria. But, aside from the scenic goodness of the country, you will also find that living here means you will not be bothered by too many crimes. Many people consider it as a safe and great place to live.



The Kingdom of Denmark is a remarkable place to live in for its respect for human rights and gender equality, both of which are hard to find in many countries. Most of its people are very friendly and are not keen to take part in violence. Instead, they focus on economic development, making this country safe and economically stable. What awaits you in Denmark is a peaceful and stable life filled with excitement.

2nd – TAIWAN

An industrial country is known for its manufacturing capabilities, Taiwan also ranks high in the list of the safest places on earth. Tourists and residents alike experience peaceful living here. One may find that Taiwan has very low cases of robbery, violence, and other crimes.

Taipei Taiwan
Taipei Taiwan

People living in Taiwan are very approachable, and most of them are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. If you are looking for a safe country with a rapidly growing economy, Taiwan has you covered.

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Iceland wins our spot as the safest place to live in 2015! The country has experienced very low murder cases for the past years, and it tops the Global Peace Index of 2014. Besides the low crime rates and high safety levels, Iceland also offers scenic views and places that you will love to live in. You will also enjoy an economy with high per capita income, allowing you to live a peaceful and stable life.


Did you know that Iceland has no army because it doesn’t need it? Moreover, its police have less than 2,000 officers who are not even allowed to carry guns because they don’t need it.

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