The Philippine DOT Reports First Quarter Increase in Tourist Arrivals

Mayon Volcano Philippines

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) Reports First Quarter Increase in Tourist Arrivals

The Department of Tourism (DOT) announced a 15.12% increase over the same period in 2015 in the number of tourists arriving in the Philippines for the first quarter of 2016. The DOT attributes this to the effectiveness of the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign launched in 2012. Between January and March of 2016, slightly more than 1.6 million tourists came to bring in business revenue to the tune of PhP67.74 billion, which is PhP8.78 billion more than 2015.

Diving in the Philippines
Diving in the Philippines

Taken month by month, March 2016 performed 11.86% better than the previous year in terms of arrivals, at 510,270 against 456,163. Tourists spent 6.85% more on activities for a total of PhP18.31billion in 2016 as opposed to PhP17.13 billion in 2015.

Increase in Tourist Arrivals in the Philippines
Increase in Tourist Arrivals in the Philippines

The most number of tourist arrivals for the first quarter are Koreans, which apparently do find it more fun in the Philippines. They also spend the most, which is consistent with previous spending behavior. According to the DOT, more than 380,000 Koreans spent PhP4.09 billion collectively from January to March 2016.

Koreans are not the only ones to choose the Philippines in which to spend their vacation and money, although they do make up 23.94% of the total first quarter 2016 arrivals. A far second to Korea is the USA with 14.43% share (231,233 visitors), followed by:

  • China – 11.52% (184,512 visitors)
  • Japan – 8.96% share (143,624 visitors)
  • Australia – 4.20% (67,265 visitors)
  • Canada – 3.33% (53,301 visitors)
  • Taiwan – 3.25% share (52,102 visitors)
  • UK – 3.06% (49, 097 visitors)
  • Singapore – 2.77% (44,441 visitors)
  • Malaysia – 2.28% (36,601 visitors)
  • Hong Kong – 2.04% (32,749 visitors)
  • Germany – 1.79% share (28,621 visitors)

Other countries are also showing more interest in having “more fun in the Philippines.” Arrivals from India increased by 8.23 %, and from France by 24.95% in 2016 compared to the same period in 2015 at 6,943 and 5,915 people, respectively.

Mayon Volcano Philippines
Mayon Volcano Philippines

Among the many tourist activities available in the Philippines, cruise tourism is the fastest growing for March 2016. More than 2,900 visitors came on board the port in Manila, and more than 7,200 at the El Nido and Puerto Princesa ports in Palawan.

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