The Hidden Tourism Gems of Pangasinan

Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan photo via Depositphotos

Tourist Spots to visit in Pangasinan

Pangasinan is a vast province. It’s the largest province of Region 1, after all, in terms of population and land area. The tourism industry in Pangasinan is just barely taking off, and will hopefully become more popular as domestic travel is promoted in a post-COVID-19 world.

Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan photo via Depositphotos
Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan photo via Depositphotos

When we talk about tourism in Pangasinan, we often think of its famous landmarks: The Our Lady of Manaoag Minor Basilica, the white sand of Patar Beach, and the Hundred Islands for camping and water sports. These landmarks have been mentioned in every tourism article of Pangasinan and are the very words of a traveler who went to Pangasinan.

However, Pangasinan is much more than these three locations. It is vast and wide and offers a variety of tourist attractions that are yet to be heard by the public.

This article is a list of the hidden tourist attractions in the province that may hopefully emerge from hiding in a domestic-traveling post-pandemic new decade.

Daang Kalikasan

Daang Kalikasan photo via Youtube Screenshot GearUp MotoVlog
Daang Kalikasan photo via Youtube Screenshot GearUp MotoVlog

It’s only natural that Daang Kalikasan is not yet famous for tourists, considering the fact that it was only completed and opened to the public last January of this year.

Daang Kalikasan eventually took off for inter-province tourism, however. Of course, that’s not impossible since this nature preserve that stretches far and wide into the horizons and mountains offers a scenic and relaxing view for tourists.

As of now, however, there is not much to do at Daang Kalikasan. The only activity to be done is to drive around in a motorcycle/open vehicle, and stop by to take pictures.

It will certainly be for the benefit of the industry to put up tourist activities, such as vehicle renting or a strip of eatery so that tourists will be given more of a reason to visit,

Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain

Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain photo via FB Page
Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain photo via FB Page

Mt. Zion is a pilgrimage mountain located in the quiet town of Bugallon. It houses a replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue, like the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at its peak. Along the way, are Stations of the Cross for praying and repentance during the Lenten Season.

There are other religious statues, like that of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. There are also some facilities as well, such as a retreat house and other religious establishments.

Mt. Zion is not meant to be a tourist attraction, and is, therefore, not developed to be one. Personally, I’d like Mt. Zion to remain as it is, with only the addition of few necessities such as proper comfort rooms and a resting area.

Lingayen Baywalk

Lingayen Baywalk photo via
Lingayen Baywalk photo via

The Lingayen Baywalk is a government project that cemented a stretch of the Lingayen Gulf. It is so long that it reaches to the nearby town of Binmaley’s own beach as well./

While certainly a popular place to unwind and relax with the family, the Lingayen Baywalk isn’t talked about as much when it comes to other tourists from outside provinces.

It’s certainly worth a visit, as it offers a time to enjoy the beach and paddle across the waters. The sun is strong at noon, but you can witness a beautiful, picturesque sunset just before 6PM in the evening.

Pangasinan Provincial Capitol in Lingayen
Pangasinan Provincial Capitol in Lingayen

There are occasional places to visit nearby, such as the yearly Pangasinan Trade Fair and Expo. The town concert is held nearby, too. But Capitol and the Veterans Park are always free to be visited all-year round.

I think it would be far more beneficial than disadvantageous to develop Lingayen Baywalk to be geared more to tourists. Maybe reinforce the bike rental systems and that of 4×4 vehicles. The street food strip could also benefit if it was made permanent and organized.

There is a secret area of the Lingayen Baywalk that I, and a couple of my local friends, have discovered. It is on the farthest end of the baywalk, where it starts. The pavement is low, and if you lower your foot, it will reach the waters. I love coming there at sunrise or sunset, where the sun reflects off the shallow waters.

Those were the hidden tourist destinations in Pangasinan that are yet to become tourism landmarks. It certainly will be a great opportunity to visit these locations before they are expected to gain popularity, as a predicted effect of post-pandemic travels.

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