The city government of Incheon introduces nature tourist spots in the city

Seokmodo Arboretum

SEOUL, South Korea, July 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Incheon, the gateway city of Korea, introduced healing urban spaces of its city through ‘Incheonjichang’, summer edition, 2020.

Seokmodo Arboretum
Seokmodo Arboretum

‘Incheonjichang’ is a newspaper in the Chinese language, published by the city government of Incheon to attract international travelers. This summer’s edition features 4 notable nature spots in urban settings.

First, ‘Seokmodo Arboretum’ is a tourist attraction where one can enjoy the ocean and forest at the same time. Featuring pristine terrains and sceneries, tourists can soak in the beauty of Gangwhado. Walk the trail through the rich forest full of native plants and fall in love with the subtle charm of Seokmodo.

‘Incheon Grand Park Arboretum’ exhibits and conserves Incheon’s native plants from the land and the seascape. It offers exotic experience in the wide nature spread over a vast land. A themed garden, ‘Jangmi-won’ is especially popular as it is decorated with Incheon’s official flower, rose, and features exhibition room, greenhouse, and wetland.

‘Incheon Nabi park’ is full of beautiful flowers and butterflies with glamorous wings. It is designed as an eco-park with live butterflies as the main theme and serves as a healing and experiential learning space. This calming park offers opportunities to see diverse plants, rare animals and organisms, and protected insects under various themes.

Lastly, ‘Cheongna area ecological park’, located in Incheon Environment Agency’s Cheongna campus, houses an ecological pond where one can observe insects and water-borne plants, greenhouses, and gardens with native plants. It also offers a forest known for breaking the carbon output cycle. Enjoy the phytoncide-full healing while walking down the trails full of colorful flowers and views.

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