Taking no chances: Mondial Direct offers Filipinos innovative products for protection against COVID19

Airwheel F3 Smart Mask

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (www.outoftownblog.com) – Face mask, check. Face shield, check. Hand sanitizer, check. A mental checklist takes place each time one leaves the comforts of home. Relatable? COVID-19 is still out there, and with all these variants, the fight is far from over.

The regard for increased effectiveness and reliability of safety products is certainly called for. Mondial Direct, a new arm under Mondial Medical Technologies, a distributor of quality and cost-efficient medical equipment & supplies, sees this exact need.

Max Protect Bundle
Max Protect Bundle

Mondial Direct presents a collection of products especially for personal protection against the still looming COVID-19. A heavy-duty lineup comprises quality healthcare products: AirWheel Mask, Tigerplast MaskShield+ Protecting Spray, Copper Pro Mask, Copper Pushkey, Faceshield, and 3-ply Surgical Mask.

The Copper Pro Mask is made with three layers of fabric strengthened with Microban antimicrobial technology. Its inner layer is fused with Active Copper Yarn for protection against the harmful growth of bacteria.

For added protection, increase the cloth face mask’s air microbial efficiency with Tigerplast MaskShield+ Protecting Spray. It is a portable spray that perfectly complements the Copper Pro Mask. With just a few pumps, it levels up protection by increasing air microbial filtration efficiency by 142% and particle filtration efficiency (PPE) by 83%.

As an assurance, it is backed up by a patented technology developed by researchers from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, which prevents airborne viruses and dust particles from sticking to the cloth mask.

The Copper Pro Mask and the Tigerplast MaskShield+ Protecting Spray can be bought together through the Max Protect Bundle, sold at a discounted price of PH 500. These two products are the perfect pair for extensive protection, especially when you go out for essential tasks.

Copper Push Key
Copper Push Key

Push Keys have gained popularity to lessen physical contact with public surfaces that may carry the virus. Mondial Direct has its own Copper Push-Key made from 99.99% copper, which is known to have natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. Coronavirus remains on copper for only 4 hours compared to other materials wherein it can stay for as long as 3 days. Practical use cases are for opening doors or entering your ATM PIN when withdrawing money.

Also part of the roster of personal essentials, the AirWheel Mask is the only dual option smart electric face mask that provides maximum comfort and wearability. It has a unique dual-option ventilation system that provides flexibility and allows the exit valve to be detached and used as an N95 mask. It utilizes an efficient 5 layer filtration technology against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. As a smart mask, unique features can also be accessed through a mobile app via Bluetooth.

Airwheel F3 Smart Mask
Airwheel F3 Smart Mask

Lindsay Randrup, Business Unit Head of Mondial Direct, says that “These products are made available to make it to the hands of Filipinos who want to take that extra step for their safety. We’re very proud to bring these innovative products to the people who need them.”

While Mondial Direct offers products with the latest technologies, they also supply the very basics such as plastic face shields and 3-ply surgical masks.

Mondial Direct places high importance on protecting its clientele during this time. With its products, Filipinos can move ahead with important activities and be ready for the new normal everyone is faced with every day.

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