Taiwan Working Towards a Green Future

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How Taiwan commits to a green future

Countries within Asia have been working hard recently in order to protect the environment and to leave something for the future. Only recently, Bali, Indonesia, has the law that bans the use of Styrofoam and single-use plastics, and countless establishments have been implementing the “strawless policy.”

Kymco's Ionex electric scooter featuring a vending machine type battery charging station
Kymco’s Ionex electric scooter featuring a vending machine type battery charging station

Taiwan has had their own struggles regarding waste disposal within their own country, but all of that is going to change with initiatives that they are implementing for a greener future.

A Country Working For a Cleaner Environment

Taiwan has recently adapted the Circular Economy model. With the Circular Economy model, it aims to eliminate any excessive waste while using their own resources.

[bs-quote quote=”Taiwan’s development and push for the Circular Economy demonstrate that economic growth can go hand in hand with environmental protection and sustainability. ” style=”default” align=”left” author_name=”Tsai Ing-Wen” author_job=”President of Taiwan” author_avatar=””][/bs-quote]

The Circular Economy model has paid off for the country. They now have the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act and Air Pollution Control Act, and both aim to further reduce air pollution. They also now have a stricter law regarding garbage disposal. The National Climate Change Action Guidelines also aim for cleaner air by setting emission caps.

Structures in Taiwan is also taking the green initiative. Taipei 101, Taiwan’s tallest tower, has been efficient with their power consumption, and the EcoARK Pavilion has been constructed with the use of 1.5 million plastic bottles.

All around Taiwan, there are vending machines that will have you recycle empty cans and plastic bottles in exchange for smart card credit that you can use on public transportation.

Large companies are also taking the green initiative. Kymco Motors has developed electric scooters that can be powered by batteries that you can swap out and PaperShoot Camera offers a new camera model with a case that is made from eco-friendly paper.

Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration has been working hard on this and they have shown that more than 11,000 stores in the country have sold green products in 2017 that is totaled up to NT$44.4 billion (Php74.88 billion).

The Future with Taiwan

From a country that has an excessive issue regarding waste disposal to one of the leading force for a greener future, Taiwan has been working hard to provide all the help they can give right now and what other things they can offer in the future. They have their thoughts on sustainability as they want to make sure the environment is clean for future generations.

PaperShoot is an environmentally friendly digital camera with a switchable and editable card casing. It is made from paper but it's definitely functional and versatile.
PaperShoot is an environmentally friendly digital camera with a switchable and editable card casing. It is made from paper but it’s definitely functional and versatile.
Deya Ocean Recycling Roll Function Backpack
Deya Ocean Recycling Roll Function Backpack

There will be two events this year that you can go to in order for you to witness first-hand what Taiwan can offer for a greener future: The Taiwan Excellence E-Sports Cup on October 4-6 in Metro Manila, and the Taiwan Expo on November 8-9, at the SMX Convention Center Davao.

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