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Travel Blogging for Newbies

Choosing Travel as your topic is actually the important first step you need to make before you jumpstart. Now comes the hard part. You...

Travel Blogging 101 : Why do you want to Blog?

After having an eventful afternoon with fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers yesterday, I realize that the world is full of travel bloggers these days and...

Travel Blogging 101: How to become a Certified Travel Blogger?

You've decided to join the ranks of the elite by setting forth to earn your certification as a travel blogger. The certification process to...


Why Your Kids Would Love The Kimberly Hotel in Tagaytay

Hotel Review: The Kimberly Hotel Tagaytay For travel-oriented young families, The Kimberly Hotel in Tagaytay (hotel info) is easily a good choice. This place offers more...