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Kitsho proffers sumptuous Valentine feast

Kitsho Valentines Promotion Manila, Philippines -- This month of love, Kitsho invites all lovelorn couples and lovers of Japanese food to experience another memorable Valentine season...

It’s Mother’s Day all May at Kitsho

Okaasan, Mommy, Nanay, Mama, or by whatever term of endearment we call our mothers, our love for them is universal. The love and devotion...

Chef Hiro’s Must-try Ramen Options at Kitsho

Must-try Ramen Options at Kitsho A steaming hot bowl of ramen has become the comfort food of choice for most Asians, Filipinos included. Whether seated...


5 Reasons To Stay At Le Village Hostel in Cebu City

Hostel in Cebu: Le Village Hostel Review Looking for a hostel that is very accessible to the hottest spots in Cebu City? Read on. The...