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Enjoy seafood galore this Lenten season at Kitsho

Kitsho restaurants serve up seafood dishes for Lent Manila, Philippines -- April is seafood month at Kitsho, not only because of the abundance of fresh...

Sumptuous Power Lunches With Kitsho’s Set Menus

(Manila, Philippines) Executive meetings are an integral part of the corporate world. These intimate gatherings of corporate officers often unfold during what the industry calls...

It’s Mother’s Day all May at Kitsho

Okaasan, Mommy, Nanay, Mama, or by whatever term of endearment we call our mothers, our love for them is universal. The love and devotion...

Check out these New and Exciting Dishes at Kitsho Restaurant

New and Exciting Dishes at Kitsho Restaurant The start of every year brings with it a renewed sense of hope, including new perspectives, a new...


List of The Best Manila Luxury Hotels

List of Best Manila Luxury Hotels Are you currently on the lookout for the top hotels in Manila – the Philippines’ capital city? Set forth...