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Cruising Romblon – What’s Missing in Carabao Island

Cruising Romblon - What's Missing in Carabao Island It has to be said, Boracay sets the bar as the poster child of a massively successful...

Top Beaches In Romblon That Will Make Your Vacation Blissful

Top Beaches In Romblon Vacation is something that every busy person needs to get, even once in a while. With plenty of tourist spots scattered...

Carabao Island in Romblon

2008 has been a busy year for me but unlike previous years, my out of town trips are fewer this year since I currently...


Hotel Review: Spending Two Nights at Hotel Hesperia Madrid

Hotel Hesperia Madrid Review After me and my travel buddies journeyed the Spanish Gastronomy Capital of Burgos, we all headed to Madrid Airport. It was...