Summer Delights Await Diners at Kitsho

After schools close off their campuses for the term break, and pilgrims have culminated their respective Lenten sojourns, coeds with no summer classes, as well as yuppies who have been raring to go on a vacation, are busy making their lists as to which hideaways to visit and what cuisines to try.

It's sushi heaven everyday at Kitsho! Sumptuous Summer Delights Await Diners at Kitsho
It’s sushi heaven everyday at Kitsho! Sumptuous Summer Delights Await Diners at Kitsho

At Kitsho, summer is always a fun time to dine and savor most of its mouth-watering dishes. With bountiful harvest from farms and seas, expect the freshest appetizers and scrumptious courses from rolled sushi, succulent sashimi, sweet sukiyaki, to perfectly grilled yakimono, steaming hot pots, and tasty meat options.

Nothing beats the sweetness of Philippine mangoes on a perfectly rolled California maki, or the succulent strips of tuna sashimi sourced fresh from GenSan waters, and, better still, the delightful melange of freshly harvested veggies and root crops in a steaming pot of shabu-shabu with strips of Kobe or Wagyu beef. These and many more delectable concoctions await gourmets and gourmands alike at Kitsho’s swanky dining salon and function rooms. You may opt for a la carte options or simply taste them all at the buffet spread.

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Summer brings in a plethora of the freshest catch for diners to enjoy!
Summer brings in a plethora of the freshest catch for diners to enjoy!

Diners are in for a treat as well! For a minimum spend of P600, each diner gets a complimentary scoop of soft-serve ice-cream. They can choose from any of four delectable flavors – vanilla, matcha green tea, black sesame, or wasabi – or opt for the Japanese-style halo-halo instead.

Guest who partake of the weekend buffet gets to enjoy the 5 plus 1 promotion. For every five diners, they get to bring one more for free. The lunch buffet is at P1,232 (VAT inclusive) while the dinner buffet is at P1,400 (VAT inclusive).

Weekday reservations of fifteen or more guests allows them to enjoy a buffet lunch or dinner spread. Just make sure to make your reservations way ahead of schedule.

Sumptuous Summer Delights Await Diners at Kitsho
Tofu Salad Bean curd is given a new and exciting twist that would surely delight the Pinoy palate – Sumptuous Summer Delights Await Diners at Kitsho

Executive chef Mizumoto “Hiro” Masahiro is also willing to share his expert knowledge on Japanese cuisine. Those who are planning to add Japanese dishes into their existing menu, or those who plan to create an entire Japanese section, can approach him for expert advise and/or consultations. Interested parties can simply send him an email via Mizumoto Masahiro [email protected]>

Kitsho authentic Japanese restaurant is operated and managed by MCK Millennium Food, Inc. and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the sprawling CCP Complex along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip on Manila’s historic bay area (02) 795-8888 local 2312 or hotline, (02)- 994-36-23. You may also check out Kitsho’s social media pages on ; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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