Stay Connected with Smart Bro Flexitime Load Products!

When we travel, we need to get internet connection from time to time to update our Facebook and Twitter Status, upload photos on Instagram and check our important emails. Good News! Smart Bro just launched Flexitime load products – a consumable per minute packages that will help you save money while traveling.

Smart Bro Flexitime Load Products
Smart Bro Flexitime Load Products

Flexitime is the latest consumable offer for the practical Smart Bro subscriber. This is geared toward subscribers who are looking for affordable data packages while spending less time on the internet, as opposed to those who use unlimited internet). With Smart Bro’s Flexitime Packages, travelers can stretch their budget as they see fit based on their internet needs and activities. Here’s how you can enroll to Smart’s Flexitime Load Products:




P20 for 2 hours1 dayFLEXITIME 20
P30 for 3 hours1 dayFLEXITIME 30
P50 for 5 hours3 daysFLEXITIME 50
P100 for 12 hours7 daysFLEXITIME 100

With Smart Bro Flexitime load products, you can load up your net devices with P50 for 5 hours valid for 3 days or P100 for 12 hours valid for 7 days! Now you can still travel in style without spending too much for internet load!

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