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Starbucks Philippines Collaborates With French Fashion House Paul & Joe for an Exclusive Designer Collection

Starbucks Philippines Teams Up With Paul & Joe for AN Exclusive Designer Collection

(Manila, Philippines) Fashionable Starbucks aficionados can rejoice this summer as the coffee company work together with Paul & Joe to bring some Parisian chic to their designs. Limited-edition merchandise and Starbucks Card can be had. The design which features the beloved cat of the French company, Gypsy is the inspiration and the symbol of the fashion house.

Loyal customers can avail of pretty drinkware, tote bag, Starbucks Card and Starbucks® Bearista in a cute outfit symbolizing Gypsy the cat. Keith Cole, Marketing for Starbucks Philippines head said that the company is always on the look-out for new styles and trends. He adds that they’re always searching for top designers who come up with fun designs much like Starbucks do so they can offer their customers the best collections in the country. “Starbucks is thrilled to work with Paul & Joe on this fresh and fun collection for summer.” He declared.

These are the 2018 Paul & Joe + Starbucks ® Collection:

Starbucks X Paul & Joe Double Walled Mug floral
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Double Walled Mug floral
Starbucks X Paul & Joe Double Walled Mug Gipsy
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Double Walled Mug Gipsy

Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Double Walled Mug (12 fl oz) – The double-walled ceramic mug comes in a cute design which features Gypsy looking adorable with his yellow feathered chick friend. The mug is made glossy and has a pastel green acrylic lid. The mug comes in a collector box.

Starbucks X Paul & Joe Tumbler Gipsy
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Tumbler Gipsy
Starbucks X Paul & Joe Tumbler_floral
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Tumbler_floral

Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Tumbler (16 fl oz) – Gypsy and his little friend is still looking cute in this limited-edition spill-proof double wall stainless steel tumbler. The tumbler comes in a flip-style lid in pastel green matching perfectly the blue body of the tumbler. The tumbler has Paul & Joe and Starbucks logo.

Starbucks X Paul & Joe Tote Bag Gipsy
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Tote Bag Gipsy

Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Tote Bag – This poly-cotton tote bag has a polyester lining. Gypsy the cat and his friend is still the cute tandem design. There’s a Paul and Joe + Starbucks logo printed on one side and Starbucks word mark woven label inside the bag.

Starbucks X Paul & Joe Bearista
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Bearista

Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Bearista –Starbucks® Bearista is wearing a happy Gypsy-inspired outfit. The limited-edition item also comes with the yellow chick and Starbucks word mark on its footpad. It comes in a blue collector’s box.

Starbucks X Paul & Joe Card
Starbucks X Paul and Joe Card

Paul & Joe + Starbucks Card – The card can be bought for an initial activation of Php1000 which features iconic Paul & Joe Gypsy the cat

Starbucks X Paul & Joe
Starbucks X Paul and Joe

The team-up between Paul and Joe and Starbucks is the first in the new designer collaboration platform called Starbucks X. It’s exclusive to Asia. Starbucks X aims to bring customers enriching experiences by collaborating with different designers. You can get updated through their Starbucks X official website. Customers can also participate as Starbucks X reveal clues which designer they’ll be collaborating with next.

About Paul & Joe

Sophie Mechaly is a Paris-born designer who beat the odds when she founded Paul & Joe in 1995. During that time when designers were concentrating on grunge, black & white or minimalism, Sophie pursued with what she loved most; young, fun and colourful designs. She also revitalized black & white wardrobe and put a whole new appeal to vintage style. Paul and Joe is still a famous brand around the world with their vision of “fulfilling desires” seen through their designs.

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