Starbucks Baristas Introduce Favorite Original Blends for Coffee Lovers

Starbucks Barista Favorites

Starbucks Baristas Introduce Favorite Original Blends for Coffee Lovers

While Starbucks offers coffee lovers everywhere the chance to create their own coffee blends, not everyone is willing to take advantage of this offering. Fortunately, together with personalized blends, this worldwide coffee chain also offers tried and tested coffee blends that the adventurous coffee drinker may choose to try out, one order at a time.

Starbucks Iced double shot Vanilla Mocha
Starbucks Iced double shot Vanilla Mocha

When it comes to coffee though, there are literally thousands or even millions of possible combinations. So what do you do if you’re not sure what ingredients go with each other? You ask the barista of course!

Barista’s Best

With their excessive knowledge about coffee blending, baristas are encouraged to do more than just ‘suggest’ the best coffee creations for their loyal customers. Just recently, Starbucks encouraged baristas to create unique espresso-based beverage recipes, to be added to the brand’s existing line. Out of the 22 submitted recipes, 3 new ones were chosen and will soon be part of every Philippine-based Starbucks café.

What’s On Offer? The Barista Favorites

These three new flavors are undoubtedly nothing like the others you’ve tasted before. To start with there’s the Chocolate Espresso Fusion created by Cyndy Gangramani who is the store manager of Starbucks Reserve 14 Jupiter. It’s an appetizing blend of white chocolate mocha and dark mocha topped with milk and caramel drizzle. Of course, the classic espresso shot is added somewhere in there for that energy kicking caffeine hit to start the day.

Starbucks dark chocolate espresso fusion
Starbucks dark chocolate espresso fusion

The Iced Double Shot Vanilla Mocha is a creation by Richard Lim from Starbucks Plaza 100 Dela Rosa, located in Makati. As the name suggests, this brand new drink has an extra shot of espresso – for those who need something a little stronger in the morning. Included in the drink are vanilla syrup, brown sugar, and breve. The odd combination of strength and sweet makes it the ideal pick-up after a long day or perhaps a good way to start a long day.

Closing the trifecta is the Iced Spice White Chocolate Macchiato by Calvin Sanchez. He’s from Starbucks 9 Macapagal Blvd and his creation is a combination of Irish Crème Syrp, White Chocolate Mocha Sauce, milk, and Ristretto shots. Some cinnamon powder drizzled on top of the foam adds a little kick and excitement to the drink.

Check Them Out

They’re now available through ALL Starbucks stores – and not just for a limited time. As a nod to the excellence shown by the baristas, these 3 brand new mixes are available all year round and might well be your next favorite caffeine boost for the following months.

Starbucks Baristas Favorites
Starbucks Baristas Favorites

If you’re curious about these new drinks, make sure to check them out at any Starbucks store today. You can also get a peek at these new additions through Starbucks Philippines YouTube Channel and Facebook page. You’ll be able to see the complete recipes for these drinks – just so you’d know exactly what you can expect from them.

Of course, you can always ask the barista to whip up your own personal blend and hit that craving right on the spot!
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