Spring Travel Ideas

Tropicana Las Vegas

Although many people take their vacations in the summer, some individuals enjoy taking a weekend trip in the spring before the summer hits. If you’re ready to beat the summer crowds, you can find plenty of places to suit that wish.

Tropicana Las Vegas
Tropicana Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a great stop for a weekend in any season. The famous Las Vegas Strip looks just as glorious in the spring as it does in the summer, especially because it will feel half as hot! Every hotel along the Strip offers plenty of amenities for weary travelers, including casinos, entertainment and swimming pools. At Tropicana Las Vegas, you’ll find over 1,500 rooms to take a nap in. When you’re done resting, you can resume your journey through the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas.

Seattle, Washington

Although Seattle has a reputation for rain, the city makes a great destination in the spring before the rainy summer arrives. When you’re in Seattle, you can traverse through tree-filled urban parks right to your favorite coffee shop. Discovery Park, near Seattle’s downtown area, offers plenty of water views framed by trees. Traveling before the summer will also help you avoid the large throngs of tourists at the city’s popular attractions, including the Space Needle.

New York City, New York

New York City is another one of those places that is a site to see regardless of season, but the spring is a great way to beat the muggy summers in the city as well as the rest of the vacationers. Seeing life bloom in Central Park is quite a site and you can still experience early summer attractions outdoors, like a Mets or Yankees baseball game!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is well-known around the world for its high-quality snow, but the city is an attractive destination throughout the year. During the spring, visitors can find a staggering number of excellent hiking destinations to enjoy the blooming mountain foliage. Millcreek Canyon, just outside of the city, offers plenty of hiking and biking options, perfect for beginners and experts alike. The city itself offers a few pleasant places to walk, including on the campus of the University of Utah.

Cancun, Mexico

If you’re ready for heat right away, you can head to Cancun for a brief tropical trip. Although the area tends to see a bit of rain in the spring, you’ll still find warm ocean temperatures and a sizzling nightlife. If water recreation isn’t for you, you can tour several close archaeological sites or go shopping. A tropical trip in the spring can help you get a brief taste of summer.

Spring is a great time to travel because it the end of winter and when things come to life. Areas all around the world celebrate the spring with events and festivals, so join them before everyone else starts traveling during summer vacation!