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Smile more! Why Dental Tourism in the Philippines is Growing

dental tourism in the Philippines

Dental Tourism in the Philippines

Tourists from all over the world visit the Philippines for its beautiful white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and of course, its people. But did you know that a lot of foreigners come to the country for dental services? That’s right. Dentists here in the Philippines (list of dentists) are esteemed for their affordable yet quality services that are at par with others worldwide.

Dental Appointment Philippines
Dental Appointment Philippines

Philippine dental tourism is primarily booming nowadays because of the low dental costs it entails to the consumer. For example, an Australian at home will have to pay $10,000 for 5 crowns, whitening, gum cleaning, and other periodontal services, whereas if a dental appointment was done in the Philippines, it will only take less than half the costs (just approximately $4,000) to avail them. It’s close to Australia, travel to the Philippines is cheap, and the patient gets to grab that chance to enjoy the extravagant landscapes, historical structures, and relatively cheap commodities of the country.

Another factor as to why dental tourists flock to the Philippines for dental appointments is that the country’s dentists are all trained under the American system. This means that they can match whatever dental treatments are provided abroad and perform it with great confidence and finesse. In as far as malpractices are concerned, no one has heard in traditional nor in social media of a foreigner who has filed lawsuits against a Filipino dentist. Have you?

Advantages of getting dental work in The Philippines

Aside from the affordable price, the great training and expertise, and an opportunity to experience the Filipino way of living, dental tourists also factor in the language being used in the country. Almost everyone understands and speaks English, so it’s another plus for those who’d like to get dental treatment / dental appointments in the country since they can approach and seek guidance as to whom to go or where to find best-rated dental clinics and providers.

Dental Treatment Philippines
Dental Treatment Philippines

State of Dental Tourism in the Philippines

While it’s already been talked about in this article, it cannot be underemphasized. Tourists who fly to this country come not to seek dental treatment, although it’s their major reason, but also to take a breather and unwind.

It makes perfect sense, right? You would want to hit two birds with one stone. You would want to save for dental services that cost a lot at home and, at the same time, delight in the country’s breath-taking wonders and captivating people! Well, Filipinos love to smile! That’s a certainty.

dental tourism in the Philippines
Dental tourism in the Philippines

And what a great buzz it is to realize that Filipino hospitality still creates some magic! The courtesy and respect that Filipino dentists, assistants, and receptionists offer grants everyone that memorable experience of a lifetime. Leaving the Philippines after having had dental treatment sure would count unforgettable with the people you get to bond with, regardless of who they are to your life.

Seek affordable dental treatment in the Philippines! And mix it with a relaxing escapade. There’s no doubt you would like it here.

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