Smart Travelers Stay Safe During the Holidays

You already know that you should contact the post office and newspaper to turn off delivery before taking off on a long vacation. You may also leave a light on or ask a friend to stop by your house to make it clear that your home isn’t empty. While preparing your home before you leave is important, you also need to prepare yourself. Smart travelers know that with so many hazards and potential dangers in the world today that they need to stay safe on the road.

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Make a Plan Before You Leave

When you set off on vacation, how much information do you leave behind? If you’re like most people, you probably tell a few friends and family members where you plan to go, and you may even leave behind contact information for your hotel. It’s also important that you inform your loved ones of your plans, especially if you visit an area known for crime and other problems. This lets them keep track of your itinerary and notify the authorities in the city if you disappear or no longer remain in contact. While you might think this is overkill, you’ll change your mind if you find yourself lost in the woods after stepping off a trail during a hike.

Carry the Bare Minimum

Hotels place safes in your room for a reason, but many people fear that those safes offer little in the way of protection. The more money and credit cards that you carry on your person, the more you have to lose. Pickpockets exist in nearly every city around the world, and they can lift your wallet and everything else you carry in your pockets in just a few seconds. Many experts recommend that you use traveler’s checks and place your more expensive belongings in a room safe. Bluegreen Resorts and other similar facilities offer room safes and may have safes behind the front desk that you can use.

Listen to Your Instincts

Smart travelers know that they should listen to their instincts. A common scam that some avoided thanks to their instincts involved a late night call. Someone calls the room, states that he or she is from the front desk and that there is a problem with the room that requires the occupant stepping outside for a few seconds. The person then robs or assaults the guest. Another scam occurs in some local bars and restaurants, with a local person drugging the drink of a traveler. If you find yourself in a situation that somehow seems off, just walk away.

Choose the Right Room

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a hotel by its price. Cheaper hotels often have exterior cases to all rooms, offices that close after dark and no security guards. It’s often worthwhile to pay a little more for the security that you receive. When choosing a room, ask for one on a higher floor and one that is close to an emergency exit. Robbers will typically go straight to the rooms on the ground or bottom floor and ignore the upper floors. Staying close to an exit lets you leave the building quickly if a fire breaks out or another emergency occurs. Though you cannot plan for every situation you might face on your travels, you can plan for some.

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