Shopping in Quiapo Manila

It’s not clean unlike the streets of Madrid and it’s definitely not as colorful as the City of Beijing. This is Manila and I call it my “Hometown”.  Whenever I need to tour around a friend in Manila, there’s only one place I always have in mind… It’s Quiapo.

It’s new year and I promised my self that I will explore, take photos and blog about Manila. I just love Manila, walking around this City may not provide a pleasant adventure to every street walker but believe it or not, It will help you discover Manila’s inner beauty which is most often invisible to the eye.

Quiapo Church
Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene

Quiapo is a district of Manila, the “old downtown” and once became a center for trade and commerce but is now known for cheap electronics, fresh flowers and vegetables, bicycle parts and native handicrafts for balikbayans.

Quiapo Hidalgo Street
Felix Hidalgo Street

Quiapo is the home of the famous Black Nazarene. The Feast Day of the Black Nazarene(also known as Quiapo Day) is celebrated every January 9th.

Quiapo Flowers
Fresh Flowers in Plaza Miranda

Felix R. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo is the Mecca for Filipino photographers, this is the area where you can buy camera and photography accessories at guaranteed low low prices. You can also find camera repair shops, used camera for sale and a handful of Ukay Ukay shops.

Quiapo lucky charms
Chinses Lucky Lantern

Quiapo is also the home of fortune tellers and stores offering herbal products and lucky charms. In Carriedo Street, some of the shopping malls are occupied by Taiwanese vendors that sells almost everything from clothing to accessories.

Quiapo SM Carriedo
SM Clearance Store

Quiapo is the location of the first SM Department Store in the Philippines. The first SM store was opened in November 1972 in Carriedo St. Manila. The store has been renovated and relaunched as SM Clearance Store.

Quiapo vegetables and spices
Vegetable Vendor in Plaza Miranda

One of the most popular street foods in Manila is Hopia. Being one of the most favorite Pinoy comfort food, you can find a Hopia store in almost every corner of each street.

Quiapo Hopia
Freshly Cooked Hopia

Carlos Palanca Street is the area where you can buy dried fish, Chinese ham, spices and Filipino handicrafts. You can find great souvenirs under the overpass along Palanca street.

Quiapo DVD's
Pirated DVD’s and CD’s in Quiapo

Plaza Miranda is a square or a public plaza located in front of the Quiapo Church. It is also a popular site of political rallies in the past.

Quiapo Souvenir shops
Handicrafts for Balikbayans

The Quiapo district is also Manila’s center of Filipino Muslim community, in fact, and The Golden Mosque is located there.

Quiapo Maranao Halal Foods
Maranao Halal Foods in Quiapo

In most streets of Quiapo, you will find a lot of pirated DVD’s and CD’s in stores that sells all type of video and music Compact Disks.

Quiapo Mosque
The Golden Mosque in Quiapo

Quiapo is geographically located at the very center of the city of Manila. It is bounded by Estero de San Miguel on the South, San Miguel District on the East, Claro M. Recto Avenue on the North and Quezon Boulevard on the West.

  1. nina says

    So may itinerary ka na for our Quiapo food and photo trip? 😀

    1. melo says

      di pa kumpleto eh… sige gawa ako:)

  2. cheap flights to madrid says

    I really love your blog!!

    Can anybody tell me what?s the best Hotel in Madrid for my honey moon? I going to married next month..

    Thank you

  3. marina k. villatoro says

    If I didn’t read the post, I would think that the majority of the pictures were taken in Guatemala, that’s how similar they look! The Spaniards really left their mark!

    But the markets look great!

  4. nald says

    gud pm po

    ask ko lang po if saan ang mga bilihan ng 925 morning star jewelry jan sa quiapo tnx po. pa tulong nama po sa exact address


  5. melo says

    @Nald – Im not really sure where the store is but you can try to find it in the mall in Plaza Miranda.

  6. melo says

    @marina k. villatoro – I havent been to Guatemala but Im quite surprised Manila and Guatemala have similarities:)

  7. Vineeta @hotelsfairy says

    You’ve got some amazing photographs of Manila. We would love to visit someday!

  8. Camille Gaska says

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  9. Paige Flores says

    i really like Fresh Flowers because they are very beautiful :.,

  10. Chipboard Sheets  says

    i love the smell of fresh flowers, they can really make my day so beautiful~*”

  11. rosalie b. vasquez says

    sn po b ang stall ng morning star at style zone jewelry shops jan s quiapo???kc dmi n po aq order,ung pinagkukuhanan q tamad kumuha ng order…may pending p po aq s knya…pls!!!

  12. Vicky Ossowski says

    Nice post man… going to post this on the facebook wall if that’s cool with ya ? By: Cheap Deals Holiday

  13. Vince says

    great blog. ako i make to a point to at least visit quiapo for my dvds and food cravings hehehe

  14. dio says

    We better go there before or after the Chinese New Year. Except if you wanna get stuck in traffic hehehe

  15. godric says

    san po yung exact location ng morning star jewelry? i heard na sa quipo…

  16. enrico cruz says

    hello po ask ko lang po kung saan o sinong pweding ma contact about morning star jewelry na pwedi po akong mag dealer ng mga silver nila thanks po

  17. Frederick says

    I like this little markets on the streets.

  18. Patreycia says


    Hi there! Do you think you can make a blog about Quiapo being a heritage tourism destination? I see a lot of potential but I cant find a single blog about it.

    Keep rockin

  19. Odz says

    Hi Melo,
    Nice, I miss this place, diyan sa Quiapo ang lagi naming puntahan ni Dhess, inaabot pa kami ng hating gabi diyan dati, kumusta na kaya ang mga bata na bilihan namin ng sampaguita, ang bilihan namin ng mga kandila, at ang mga kaibigan naming manghuhula. Diyan ko rin nakita si Palito don sa may Palanca street at nakasalubong ko rin si Boy Abunda palabas ng Quiapo church.

    1. melo says

      mahirap talagang kalimutan ang Pilipinas…. kaya nga di ako makaalis eh… kahit marumi, mapulitika, magulo, maraming kurakot na matagal mamatay…. iba parin ang Pilipinas…. Theres no place like home ika nga:)

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