Samal Island’s Caracoles festival will be celebrated in Davao City

To regionalize the festivity, Samal Island’s Caracoles Festival organizers will now celebrate the festival in Davao City.

The first, third, and fourth Caracoles Festival were all held in Samal Island. The past Caracoles Festival was held in Penaplata, a district in the Island Garden City of Samal, as in the past, the festival is held in venues located near and along the white sand beaches.

Davao Region Tourism Council (DRTC) chair Alma Uy said for years, the Caracoles Festival has been identified with the Island Garden City of Samal.

But this year, the Island Garden City of Samal which is famous for its white sand beaches, yields the festivities to Davao City in time for the celebration of the World Ocean Year in May.

This year’s 5th Caracoles Festival in April will be held side by side with the Dive Davao Festival which highlights the Dive Caravan.

The event will take place in various diving sites in the whole of Davao Region, including Samal. The organizers also aims to build awareness on how people can take part on the Davao Gulf preservation and conservation.
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