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Prince Fusion Gourmet : Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas!

April 12, 2012 – Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Day 2 in Cebu – Previous Post : Mooon Cafe Cebu.

Its the second day of Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Cebu leg and for our first stop, we visited Prince Fusion Gourmet – a restaurant located at the second floor of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites where we all stayed. Prince Fusion Gourmet is known for offering Asian fusion dishes that is affordable without sacrificing the quality of the food.

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Crispy Fried Pescador

Their resident Sous Chef Marlou Almasco prepared two dishes for us namely Crispy Fried Pescador and Pochero Soup. Crispy Fried Pescador is their version of Butterfly Lapu-lapu with sweet and sour sauce. Lapu-Lapu is one of my favorite fish variety and it is best served crispy fried or with a sweet and sour sauce.

cebu bulalo

Their version taste like my Mom’s Fish Escabeche and that’s probably the reason why I love it:) They used pineapple as a garnish which made dish more delicious. I love the sweet taste of the fish which only means that the fish is fresh and not frozen. The dish was named after an island in Bohol where most of the grouper or (Lapu-Lapu) fish are caught. Trivia : Lapu-Lapu is also popularly known in Cebu as Pugapu.

Sous Chef Marlou Almasco
Sous Chef Marlou Almasco

The second dish was called Pochero – a local version of Bulalo made with locally grown Corn, vegetables, saba, potato, beef shanks and a beef bone marrow. Unlike Pochero in Abuhan Restaurant, their pochero uses sweet corn and saba to make the soup a little bit sweet. What I like about their pochero is the absence of too much fat floating on top of the soup. The vegetables are still fresh and the broth is so tasty even without MSG.

Pochero in Luzon is tomato based with Saba to make the sauce a little bit sweet and it usually have green peas or garbanzos. Chef Marlou Almasco and his team is continuously developing new fusion dishes… One more reason why I need to go back to Cebu City very soon:)

Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for continuously promoting Pinoy Food! Learn about the best dishes around the Philippines from the Sooo Pinoy, Food Trip na Pilipinas Campaign!

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