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Presotea opens up its 4th branch in SM North Edsa Annex

Taiwan’s most well-known tea shop with over 400 stores worldwide opens up its 4th branch in SM North Edsa Annex

After opening three branches earlier this year, Presotea, the most well-known tea based chain in Taiwan, has reached the northern part of Manila as it opened their new store in SM North Edsa Annex.

Presotea now with more branches in the Philippines
Presotea now with more branches in the Philippines

In an interview with Team Out of Town, Claudine Roura, owner of Gastromind Inc, the company that brought Presotea in the Philippines, said Presotea uses state-of-the-art technology Teapresso to provide the freshest and healthiest tea drinks. The high-temperature and high-pressure machine extracts the essence of tea, thus making every customer enjoy the fresh tea flavors and the bittersweet aftertaste.

Presotea Signature Fruit Tea Fusion
Signature Fruit Tea Fusion

“Our tea is processed using the tea espresso machine. Aside from the tea extraction, we do brew to order because it comes from one tea bag per cup. We’re using the tea espresso for a bolder flavor. We are the only shop that uses tea espresso,” Roura told Team Out of Town

Presotea Milk Tea
Milk Tea

Unlike other tea shops, Roura said that Presotea stands out because it uses one special tea bag for each cup of tea.

“If you notice, our shop has no tea jars. Almost all tea shop has jars and they are only pouring it. That’s only batch brewing. Ito kada order mo dun pa lang i-brew. Kaya ang tawag is brew to order,” Roura said.

Presotea Tea Brewing Equipment
Presotea Tea Brewing Equipment

Far different from other bubble tea shops, Presotea prides itself in being Tea Specialists: it has developed a deep foundation in tea knowledge with years of experience in producing quality tea leaves. It has its own factories that process its various premium ingredients and toppings.

To produce the best tea, Presotea’s Headquarters in Taiwan hired innovative tea artisans and created a research and development team whose sole focus is to manufacture new and unique products that meet the needs of the customers. In fact, they have invented a new tea brewing technology that sets them apart from the present tea beverage market.

Presotea Tea Selections
Presotea Tea Selections

“The tea bags are really imported from Taiwan. Our principal is a good young manufacturing. They are not just tea player, they are really tea manufacturers. That’s why they can formulate a special tea for Presotea,” Roura said.

Presotea has an extensive range of tea choices which include Green Tea, Flower Tea, Black Tea, Matcha, and Fruit Tea. The teas selected for each Presotea cup is made with only high-quality tea leaves. It also has unique tea offerings such as A-Li-Shan Tea and Blueberry tea.

Presotea at SM North Edsa
Presotea at SM North Edsa

Blueberry Tea with Aloe Vera, Signature Tea Latte with Pearl, Panda Milk Tea, Matcha Latte with Red Bean and Pearl, Apple Passion Fruit Yakult, Alishan Iced Tea, and White Peach Tea are among their best sellers. They also have Salted Foam concoctions for those who crave for a thicker dairy cap on top.

Presotea Baristas
Presotea Baristas

Presotea Branches in the Philippines

Apart from the SM North Edsa Annex branch, Presotea has also branches on SM Cherry Shaw, Robinsons Magnolia, and SM Marikina.

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