Poll: Philippines Top Travel Blogs for 2013

Poll: Philippines Top Travel Blogs for 2013

The Philippines probably has the largest number of travel bloggers in Asia. Based on Pinoy Travel Bloggers group in Facebook alone, there were 347+ members already and I believe more travel bloggers are not yet a member of this group.

Philippines Top 15 Travel Blogs for 2013

Philippines Top 15 Travel Blogs for 2013

Providing a list of top travel blogs is quite subjective. Some of us has our own preference as to what type of content do we like to see and read on a travel blog. Some readers loves to see more travel guides, travel itineraries and costs, personal travel tales or simply photo essays. To provide more in-depth list, we are encouraging Pinoy Travel Bloggers to participate in this poll.

Best Pinoy Travel Blogs 2013

Best Pinoy Travel Blogs 2013

For this year, Out of Town Blog would like to host a poll which will be participated by travel bloggers themselves. Here’s the criteria :

  • Any Pinoy Travel Blogger can submit a blogpost with their own list of their Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs
  • Travel Blogs listed should be at least 6 months old and the blog content should be 80% travel related.
  • The final list of Philippines Top Travel Blogs for 2013 will be based on the individual top 15 list from participating travel bloggers.
  • Participants and Nominees should be Filipino Citizens
  • Each Travel Blogger can include minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 travel blogs on their list.
  • Participating Blogger cannot include their own blogs in their entry
  • Embed our logo on your blogpost
  • Any vote for this blog will not be counted so please exclude us from your list:)
  • Entries (in a form of a blogpost) should be posted in our comment section

Blog Entries will be posted in this page and we will raffle off special tokens (from our sponsors) to the participating travel bloggers.

Partners :

Air Asia LogoMYPMO_LOGO1_CMYK_POSSmart Live MoreCebu pacific URL logo

Poll Entries :

  1. Banahaw Tribe
  2. S1expeditions.com
  3. ChasingPhilippines.com
  4. Libotero.com
  5. Balintataw
  6. Lawstude.net
  7. NomadicExperiences.com
  8. EscapeManila.com
  9. PinoyAdvenTurista.com
  10. Philippines Mountains & Beyond
  11. Rjdexplorer.com
  12. Intrepidwanderer.net
  13. Lamyerda.com
  14. Pala-lagaw.com
  15. Layovertolife.com
  16. IslandGirlTraveller.com
  17. Rakistangnars.com
  18. Weekendsidetrip.com
  19. Juanderfulpinoy.com
  20. LakwatserongTsinelas
  21. LakbayDiva.com
  22. Eatinghalfway.com
  23. PinoyWanderingBoy.com
  24. TwoBrokeGirls.com
  25. MariaRonaBeltran.com
  26. JeffPonce.blogspot.com
  27. Fliptravels.com
  28. TheTravellingDork.com
  29. EscapeIslands.com
  30. MissBackpacker.info
  31. ChyngReyes.com
  32. LakadPilipinas.com
  33. Trackingtreasure.net
  34. Elaljanelasola.com
  35. Blissfulguro.com
  36. Adventurousfeet.com
  37. Marxtermind.com
  38. Thetravellingfeet.com
  39. Ponderingpaodaolei.net
  40. Pinaytravelista.com
  41. Pusangkalye.net
  42. LakbayOnline.com
  43. Kurtzky.com
  44. Reginstravels.com

*Final list of Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs will be distributed to our partner Airlines, Embassies, PR agencies and Hotel Partners.

  1. ailes says

    cool! sayang nene pa ang blog namin..

    1. Melo Villareal says

      ok lang @8955a3b3414a9d81c8522f0775556f8e:disqus may 2014 pa naman:)

  2. Melo Villareal says

    @devinceoy:disqus wala pa naman deadline but it will run probably in two or three weeks:)

  3. Yapak Pinoy says

    Hi Melo,
    here’s my Top 15 Travel Bloggers for 2013

    1. Melo Villareal says

      thanks for sharing your list:)

  4. Chasing Philippines says
    1. Melo Villareal says

      salamat sa pagsali:)

    1. Melo Villareal says


  5. pusangkalye says

    will draft my list soon! gonna be a tough call. 🙂 —-pusangkalye

  6. Lawstude says

    Hi Melo,

    Hirap mamili kasi ang daming magagandang blogs pero here is my list. 🙂


  7. Galwin Fabian says
    1. Melo Villareal says

      salamat @galwinfabian:disqus:)

  8. lamyerda says
    1. Melo Villareal says

      thanks @lamyerda:disqus:)

  9. Francis Balgos says

    Seriously, it was hard to trim down the list to only 15.
    But I poured my heart into it..
    Here’s mine. 🙂


  10. Marj | layovertolife.com says

    Hi, Melo, Here’s my entry: layovertolife.com/2013/05/25/layover-to-lifes-top-15-pinoy-travel-blogs-for-2013/
    Extra challenge pala pumili ng 15 🙂

  11. Dhie Rey Island Girl Traveller says

    Here is my list.Very hard to reduce to 15 but i got there in the end. Sorry to those i missed out…….


  12. Mc Pol Cruz says

    Hello Melo! Here’s my list! it was hard to pick those 15:)


  13. Rain Campanilla says
  14. Lakbay Diva says
  15. Maria Rona Beltran says

    hi melo. here is my entry for the top travel blogs in the Philippines 2013 🙂


  16. dong ho says

    hirap nga pumili ng 15 lang. i based my pick less on the layout and on their 2013 posts and here’s my top 15 travel blogs http://www.escapeislands.com/2013/06/my-2013-top-15-pinoy-travel-blogs.html

  17. www.blissfulguro.com says

    ang hirap para sa’kin gumawa ng list pero here it is! – http://www.blissfulguro.com/2013/06/the-travel-blogs-i-actually-read.html

  18. C.A. | Adventurousfeet says
  19. marxtermind says
  20. Doi | TheTravellingFeet.com says
  21. It’s hard to pick favorites when you blog hop on a good lists of helpful travel blogs around but here’s my Top 15! http://www.pinaytravelista.com/2013/06/2013-my-top-15-travel-blogs.html

  22. pusangkalye says
  23. Adrian Arendain Agito says

    pwede po? 🙂

  24. Adrian Arendain Agito says

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