Photo Sunday : Overlooking Alona Beach in Bohol

Arriving in Amorita Resort in Panglao Island was a total relief after a busy week in Manila. I’m not really a huge fan of of Alona Beach in Panglao Island in Bohol but after seeing the white sand stretch while having a welcome drink in Amorita Resort… It suddenly became one of my favorite beaches in the Philippines.

alona beach resorts
Overlooking Alona Beach in Bohol

Compare to Boracay, Alona Beach, on the south-west of Panglao island, is only about one and a half kilometer stretch of white sand. The beach is surrounded by beautiful best in class resorts which includes my favorite Amorita Resort.

Have you been to this place already? Care to share your experience?
  1. Carm says

    i got the chance to visit alona beach but only had to stay for 3 hours. time moves slow there. i felt like i was there the whole day. totally different from boracay

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