Photo Sunday : Marina Bay Sands after Earth Hour 2011

During the observance of Earth Hour last March 26, 2011, I was in Singapore with Jonel Uy and Jan Shim – A professional photographer from Brunei. We were lucky that night since our final stop will be at Fullerton Bay Hotel where there’s a great vantage point to watch how Marina Bay Sands observe the 2011 Earth Hour.

Marina Bay Sands after Earth Hour 2011
Marina Bay Sands after Earth Hour 2011

Around 9:45pm, exactly 15 minutes after the observance of Earth Hour, The Marina Bay Sands started their spectacular light and water show. The 13-minute performance involves giant water screens, vibrant multicolor high powered lasers, search lights, spot lights, fountains, and other special effects.

The emotions were actually mixed, some spectators thought that the show was fantastic while others prefer to have the show postponed at least just for that night to support the Earth Hour advocacy.

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