Photo Sunday : Ahitulu Season in Ifugao

Its a different Batad than what I saw last summer. The damaged area in the worlds famous amphitheater-like rice terraces was already almost completed. During our visit, we were lucky to witness Ahitulu – a festival celebrated every year by Ifugao people for bountiful harvest.

rice harvest festival
Ifugao transporting newly harvested tinawon rice

Although the rice harvest was already finished when we reached some parts of the rice terraces, the experience of walking in the rice paddies is truly priceless. Thanks to Department of Agriculture and other organizations for helping in the restoration. Its been my sixth time visiting this village and to tell you honestly, It never gets old nor tiring. The 45 minute hike was really well worth it when you finally see this bowl shaped village.
  1. Adelle says

    It’s good to know that restoration has been done; the rice terraces is part of Philippine heritage and it’s just not the same without it.

    1. melo says

      @Adelle – yup:) Kudos to Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Government of Ifugao and various volunteer groups.

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