Pahimis Coffee Festival 2012 in Amadeo Cavite

This February 17-18, 2012, Amadeo town in Cavite will be celebrating its “Pahimis” Coffee Festival to showcase the best coffee-produce of this fourth class municipality. For the townfolk, the Pahimis Festival is a thanksgiving offering to God for the bounty He continues to bestow upon them year-in and year-out to date, Mayor Villanueva said.

Pahimis 2012
Pahimis Festival 2012

The quiet town in the upland district is dubbed as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines” and the town mayor said his municipality is listed in the tourist map as an area where the best coffee in the world are being cultivated and can be procured.

The municipal government and its officials have installed a giant coffee kettle and cup concrete image near a flagpole fronting the municipal hall here to manifest its pride and honor being the country’s No. 1 coffee-producing municipality in the country.

The Coffee Festival started in 2002, the festival was celebrated every year with a Mass, commemoration, street parade or mardi gras and other revelries.

Source : PNA

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