Only SEAIR Flies to Boracay direct via Caticlan

If you want to save time and you want to take a bus ride just to reach Caticlan port, then SEAIR is for you.

Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR), the country’s premiere leisure airline, still offers the best and fastest flights to Caticlan, as fast as 35 minutes. In fact, it is the only scheduled airline operating to Caticlan since the other airlines moved their operations to Kalibo.

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The airline has in its fleet four Dornier 328 and six LET L-410. Both types of planes are capable of Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL).

“These aircraft are the most appropriate for the small runways of Caticlan, Palawan, and other destinations where bigger commercial airlines cannot land,” said Avelino Zapanta, SEAIR president. “Our aircraft are aerodynamically designed in a way that it is capable of landing and taking off in about 750 meters with full pay load.”

In 2005, SEAIR introduced the 32-seater Dornier 328 which is the fastest and the most advanced jet-prop in the region with STOL capabilities. It is the latest in a long line of technologically innovative aircraft manufactured by the famous German aircraft manufacturer, Claude Dornier. It is widely used for the same purpose by British Airways, Cirrus Airlines, and Air Alps.

The LET L-410 is ideal for unpaved airstrips and is one of the most widely manufactured aircraft in its class. The aircraft holds one of the highest safety records for any turbo prop. It can seat 19 passengers.

SEAIR has been serving Caticlan since 1995 and has the longest history of uninterrupted service to Boracay direct via Caticlan.

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