OFW grandma’s wistful homecoming made possible with Cebu Pacific

OFW grandmas wistful homecoming made possible with Cebu Pacific

Share Family Moments with Cebu Pacific

Manila, Philippines – The strong bonds of Filipino families can be seen in everything they do. The love for every member is obvious when everyone gives their all to make that family member happy. Filipino families do just about anything for their loved ones and that’s very common in the Philippines. This trait amazes many foreigners because it’s what makes Filipinos unique.

Filipino families tend to stick together but there are also many who need to go away to earn good money for their families. These people become Overseas Filipino Workers and try their best to provide for their loved ones. They are motivated to give a good future to the people they love.

OFW grandmas wistful homecoming made possible with Cebu Pacific
OFW grandmas wistful homecoming made possible with Cebu Pacific

Many OFWs need to work for more than a year away from their families so when they are given the chance to go back home, they’re very happy and excited to do so. They know this is their chance to make more precious memories together.

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Cebu Pacific makes every OFW’s dream of coming home come true by offering more affordable and accessible flights. Cebu Pacific’s new video for #MakeFirstMomentsHappen campaign tells a story that everyJuan can relate to.

Osang wistful homecoming
Osang wistful homecoming

After the last video ‘First Break’ for the campaign which told the story of Leah, the airline company is now sharing the life of an OFW who is going to be a first-time grandmother. ‘First Kiss’ is about Osang who flies back home from Hong Kong so she can see her daughter give birth and she could be able to kiss her grandchild.

Cebu Pacific #MakeFirstMomentsHappen campaign
Cebu Pacific #MakeFirstMomentsHappen campaign

The story was taken for the airline’s Facebook page comment section. Cebu Pacific has the most number of flights that reach the destinations of many OFWs and the airline company always offer low fares for their flights.

The #MakeFirstMomentsHappencampaign started in September.

Watch and share wonderful moments from the campaign at https://www.facebook.com/cebupacificairphilippines/.

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