My Christmas Wish This Year : A Nokia C7

Before, I could say that all I wanted for Christmas was a nice out-of-town dinner and time away from work, but these days my Christmas wishes have become far more complex than they used to be. My Christmas wish this year is, in fact, one of the most complex pieces of technology available and from what I can see, it makes an iPhone look like something from the stone age. Others may not agree but, Nokia cellphones are actually the most user friendly mobile phones I’ve seen and tested.

Nokia-C7-cellphone in Manila

My Christmas Wish : A Nokia C7

The second Symbian powered phone is the Nokia C7 is like something from a science fiction movie. It is a easy, sexy, simple phone with an efficiency that can’t be matched by any other phone on the market. The only thing it doesn’t have is a super powered camera, but actually, I’m not a fan of taking pictures with my phone anyway coz I always have at least two digital cameras in my bag wherever I go.

Still, 8 megapixels is enough for snapshots of parties or fast shots of the latest news to happen. The screen is vivid and offers you the best of touch screen with a resolution that really kicks butt. The widgets are fun too, it even has an iPlayer from BBC that lets you watch the latest of the news and stay up to date on what is happening.

Nokia C7 in Box
Nokia C7 in Box

Really though, it’s not the technology, it’s what you do with it. Nokia has done something wonderful by creating three separate touch screens and making it very easy to see what you are doing with all of the different widgets, functions, and features at the same time. This phone has the absolute best in mobile entertainment and offers the benefit of having fully integrated social networks built into the system. You gotta love that.

Nokia C7 prices Manila
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What do I want to do with this phone? I want to get rid of my laptop and will try to use this to take care of all my mobile computing needs. Really this isn’t a phone so much as an electronic connection to all of the information and people of the world. From the radio to television to the internet to calling friends using Skype or other VOIP programs, this is the phone to do it with. I haven’t told you the best part about this phone yet though…it’s the price. This phone is cheaper than an iPhone, cheaper than a Nokia C8, and it is slim, trim, and ready for you to box up and put under my Christmas tree.

I promise, I’ll act surprised when I open it. I’ll even pretend I don’t know every last detail of this phone. Just please please please Santa, bring me a Nokia C7 this year.

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