Must-Haves for your next Outdoor Travel Vacation

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The great outdoors always hold mystery to the inquisitive traveler hiding great thrills and exciting adventures. However, the trip can prove to be a hassle rather than a pleasure if you do not know what and what not to have on your journey. If you end up with too many things or things that aren’t right for the trip, the trip can prove to be tiresome right from the outset. Staying warm and dry with the minimum amount of essentials is the way to hit the outdoors.

Outdoor Grill using Gizzo
Outdoor Grill using Gizzo

How to carry the luggage?

Are you planning for a hike or maybe just a weekend in an outdoor resort-like a resort in Tuba Benguet?. For the outdoor enthusiast who has decided to spend a lot of time on a travel vacation, a luggage carrier’s choice is crucial. The key is to choose one that is light-weight and easily foldable. Campers might want to look into ultra-light backpacks. For those who buy daypacks, the carrier has to be road-tested before using it. It might prove to be very heavy after hours of travel. Better to try and test it before being stuck with it on a long journey.

Clothes and other essentials

Dressing in roomy and comfortable clothes is an absolute must for a comfortable journey. T-shirts, hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts made of cotton-like materials that absorb sweat better are preferred. A pair of blue jeans is the god of all comfort clothing outdoors. However, if you intend to go to water-logged regions, jeans are not exactly the best bet. A pair of water-proof or wind-proof pants that are light-weight would do the trick in this case.

Some kind of attire for protection from rain can also be taken. Gloves, hats, and scarves can help while going towards higher altitudes. Depending on what kind of trip you have planned for yourself, your choice of shoes should vary.

Hiking shoes or boots which are light-weight can serve the purpose in most cases. However, rocky trails would require sturdy shoes or boots. Rafting or kayaking would demand durable water shoes. A couple of pairs of hiking socks that are not-cotton can be packed to keep the feet dry.

Outdoors is synonymous with all kinds of insects and various kinds of injuries. Insect-repellants and anti-itch creams are invaluable additions to your luggage. Band-aids and moleskin can protect feet from blisters while Neosporin prevents infection.

Outdoor Travel Vacation
Outdoor Travel Vacation

Elementary safety precautions

During an outdoor trip, dehydration can prove to be a major issue. A reusable water bottle is a must-have that can be refilled often. Some kind of water purification method also has to be adopted to ensure that the water your drink is safe.

Flashlight or headlamps are very essential if your travel involves night hikes. Taking help from rangers is advisable if you are accessing remote areas. If in a backcountry, it is useful to take a whistle along, which will keep away any unwanted creatures such as bears.

More than knowing what to pack, it is essential to know what not to pack. This can considerably reduce the size of your luggage. Nobody cares about your looks when you are on the road hitting the wild outdoors. So, give the fancy dresses and shoes a pass. Taking electronic gadgets like Kindle and iPad can be given a miss too. After all, the outdoor travel vacation that you have embarked on was intended for you to be unplugged from the world in the first place.

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