Mt Province’s Lang-Ay Festival and Ifugao’s Rambakan Di Lamut to be promoted by Philippine Department of Tourism

Summer is here once again, it is time again for festivities, reunions and getting together.

Here in Cordillera a lot of festivities are growing through the years, driving people from all walks of life to converge and to bringing people back to their home province or municipality.

Department of Tourism (DOT-CAR) Director Pura Molintas is inviting the public once again, to visit Cordillera – “the skyline, where you can walk through the clouds and climb the stairway to the sky”, as this coming month of April, Mountain Province will be celebrating its fifth Lang-Ay festival, while Lamut town in Ifugao will be having its “Rambakan di Lamut” festival.

Mountain Province Governor Maximo Dalog, personally graced the kapihan forum Wednesday, to invite the public to the Lang-ay Festival, which was conceptualized for the preservation and showcasing of their culture.

Dalog also proudly informs the public that their previous Lang-ay festivals did well, in terms of promoting their products and in showcasing their culture. For this year they are inspired to have another festival, as the people of Mt Province, themselves yearn for it.

The Lang-ay will be held on April 1-7, but the main highlight which is the street dancing will be on April 7, the province’s founding anniversary.

Other scheduled activities include a civic parade, showcase and exhibits, Lang-ay Weaves/design exhibits, agro-industrial fair, photo exhibit/photography show, sports activities, magic show, theater night, and battle of the band/indigenous musical contest.

For the province of Ifugao, the municipality of Lamut will be holding its seventh “Rambakan Di Lamut” on April 1-5. Mayor Francisco Tenenan also attended the forum to personally invite the public to their municipality, which he described as the “gateway” to the rice terraces of Banaue, Ifugao.

According to Tenenan, “Rambakan” is an Ilocano word, which means joyful and merry making. He also explains that their festival for this year will be a five day event, as it also coincides with Lamut’s 50th municipal anniversary. The first three days will be for the annual town fiesta while the last two days will be for the anniversary festivity.

Activities to watch are tilapia making with “tilapia” as Lamut’s OTOP. They will try to record the longest grilling of “tilapia”. Also to be showcased are deboned tilapia, smoked tilapia, tilapia balls, Ifugao Robusta/Arabica Coffee, upland rice, Tilanggit and Ifugao Tapuey.

There will also be street dancing and battle of the bands.

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