Top 3 Recommended Mental Health Consultation Services You Can Avail Now

Where can I get my mental health checked in Metro Manila?

Recommended Mental Health Consultation Services

Mental Health Consultation Services That You Can Avail Now

I don’t know about you, but the pandemic and lockdown can affect the mind — for the worse. Even though the vaccine is already there and we have more knowledge about the virus, the lingering thoughts of sickness and death can make anyone anxious. Worst, it can make those already suffering from mental illness plunge into darker waters.

It’s time that we prioritize our mental health and be more intentional with it. When we look at the statistics, there is an uptick in the suicide rates in the Philippines. For 2020, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that Suicide rates in the Philippines increased by 25.7%.

Recommended Mental Health Consultation Services
Recommended Mental Health Consultation Services

Moreover, PSA also said that there have been 3,529 deaths due to “intentional self-harm.” The act of purposely hurting oneself is the 27th leading cause of death in the previous year.

The statistics paint a picture of the grim situation that we are all in. Stuck at home and isolated away from loved ones, we can fall prey to pandemic blues and all the other mental health concerns related to it.

With this, we should be more aware of how and what we feel and think. When there’s a dark feeling creeping in, please be sure to have someone to call, be it a friend or mental health professional.

When everything’s too much to handle, and the struggle is too difficult, you can avail of counseling and psychiatric consultations. Depending on your situation, you can reach out to organizations that offer free consultation services. We also included some organizations that provide affordable psychiatric consultations. Remember that you are not alone, and you don’t have to go through your problems on your own.

1. Dr. Zairah Castelo-Corpus, a psychiatrist at The Medical City Center

The Medical City photo via FB Page
The Medical City photo via FB Page

A psychiatrist at The Medical City Center for Behavioral Health, Dr. Zairah, will readily listen to you and give you breathing room to think and breathe. She is one of the most sought-after psychiatrists in The Medical City Center as she works with children, teens, and adults.

You may reach her office by calling 8988-1000 or 8988-7000. Dr. Zairah offers online services.

2. National Center for Mental Health

Under the #MentalHealthPH campaign, the National Center for Mental Health offers free psychiatric consultation open to everyone. They provide 24/7 services and can readily attend to those who need immediate guidance. Aside from counseling, they also provide suicide prevention and referral to psychiatrists and psychologists.

The hospital may be reached through (02)79898727 or 09178998727.

3. Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services

Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services
Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services

The service and research arm of the Psychology Department of the Ateneo de Manila University, the center provides counseling, therapy, assessment, training and workshops, and research services. Licensed psychologists and therapists provide services that aim to enhance the psychological well-being of children, adolescents, and adults.

Simply fill out their online form to book an appointment. Their initial fee costs P2,500, while the next sessions are P2,000 each. Both services are done online.

Love yourself by taking care of your mind

The mind is a battleground. That is where everything begins — and for some, where things end. Hopefully, with proper guidance and intervention, there won’t be a need to go over the brink of anxiety, loneliness, or fear. If you know that you or a loved one needs help, know that there is nothing wrong with talking to a mental health professional.

There is so much stigma surrounding mental health that it can be hard to pull away. But it’s time that you think for yourself first and address the things bothering you. Help yourself to cope, and your body and mind will thank you for it.

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