Masskara Festival 2011

One of the coolest places to visit in the Philippines is the beautiful city of Bacolod and from now until the 19th of October you have even more reason to visit since the city is celebrating the 32nd Annual MassKara Festival.

masskara festival in bacolod 2011
Bacolod Masskara Festival 2011 (Photo Courtesy of

The theme this year is “Celebrating the New Icons of Bacolod” and that is exactly what is happening. From landmarks to new and old buildings, great institutions and the many bold and colorful personalities that Bacolod is known for, this years festival celebrates them all.

Food, music, and pageantry are just a few of the great reasons why people from all over the Philippines and the world make their way to Bacolod from 1 to 19 October for the annual event. For thiry one years, people have been coming to this wonderful festival and today it is better than ever. But, you may be asking, “What is it?”

The Masskara Festival was born during a dark time in Bacolod. The city was cloaked in gloom and tragedy during the 1980’s as the price of sugar dropped, political and economic turmoil filled the streets, and then the deaths of more than 700 Negrenses on the ill fated Don Juan passenger vessel sank to their deaths.

At the time, the people of Bacolod and Negros needed something to smile about more than ever and so they created a festival of smiles. MassKara. The idea was to help residents escaped the doom and gloom of the time and to remind everyone that Bacolod would always pull through. MassKara was and is a popular streetdance which inspired the original festival organizers. “ Sige lang… sige na! Bacolod bato kita! (It’s okay… it’s alright! No matter what adversity, Bacolod fights on!)”

Kara is the spanish word for face and Mass is the word for many. Many faces, smiling, pulling together and celebrating the blessings of life even when faced with uncertainty and turmoil. Lets go visit Bacolod for the Masskara Festival 2011 but before you head to the city of smiles, checkout the Top 5 Hotels in Bacolod City for your accommodation needs:)

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