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Macaroons for a Cause: In tune for education


Last July 4, 2013, Philippine- based bakeshop Red Ribbon, Apl.de.ap Foundation and Franklin Baker Company launched Red Ribbon Macaroons for a Cause – a joint project that aims to help build classrooms for kids in Zamboanga.

Macaroons for a Cause
Macaroons for a Cause Logo

Macaroons for a Cause

Zamboanga was selected to be beneficiary of the project’s pilot school that will benefit more than 600 students once completed.

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Allan Pineda of Apl.de.Ap Foundation
Allan Pineda of Apl.de.Ap Foundation

Allan Pineda also popularly known as Apl.de.Ap of of the world famous The Blacked Eyed Peas admitted that education is the only ticket to a better life ” I just wanted to have an education- to have better life. In every Filipino family, the children want to help their parents – that was my goal ” he shares.

In tune for Education
In tune for Education

“These kids in Mindanao, they’re caught up in a conflict. They need a break too. They need opportunities and education. That’s why we’re starting there so we can clear the conflict and also bring opportunity to the kids. I’m just really excited. This is an amazing idea,” Apl.de.Ap said.

Macaroons for a Cause is all about coconut goodness in creamy perfection. Each pack contains 10 pieces of macaroons and sells for Php 50.00 at all Red Ribbon Bakeshops nationwide. From every pack of Macaroons for a Cause sold, 14% or P7 will go directly to the Apl.de. Ap Foundation to help in the building a public high school that will pave the wayfor students to gain access to education and pursue thei interest in becoming global professionals in the field of music and technology.

The group aim to sell 4.2 millions of Macaroons for a Cause to build the first school of the foundation.

Apl.de.Ap Foundation is non-government charitable oraganization that is committed to improving the quality of the children in the Philippines through education, technology and music.



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