LvYue’s rise in India – A Great Achievement of the Group’s Globalization Strategy

BEIJING, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LvYue’s first BeU Hotel has gotten positive feedback, with the average OCC (Occupancy) of the hotel reaching over 80% since its opening on September 2019.

There are several BeU hotels in the process of renovations and are expected to be available soon. This year, BeU will open hotels in the main regions of India, including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and so on.

BeU’s target is to become the largest standardized business hotel chain in India. To fully adapt to the Indian market, BeU has been localized since the brand was created. BeU mainly provides services for domestic customers in India, and most of its employees are Indian, which has realized the ‘soft landing’ of Chinese brand in the Indian market.

The frontdesk of BeU Hotel.
The frontdesk of BeU Hotel.

At the beginning of its entry into the Indian market, LvYue conducted a precise analysis of the current situation of the Indian hotel market and found that chain hotels in the Indian market are mainly international high-star hotels and budget hotels, while the mid-end business hotel market is almost empty. Standardized hotels with high-cost performance that meet the needs of business people are urgently needed in the market.

LvYue positioned BeU as an Indian business hotel chain with fully standardized products. BeU is committed to providing a unique stay experience for business travelers with a high standard of products and services, brand scale in major cities, easy access to major urban city centers, and comfortable and clean environments.

Strategically invested by Group, LvYue Group’s entering the Indian market is closely related to’s globalization strategy and India layout. In April 2019, became the largest shareholder of Make My Trip — the largest OTA platform in India, which gives LvYue unique advantages in terms of traffic and data in the Indian market. The great achievement of LvYue’s India company also confirms the international strategy of the group.

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