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LOOK: A Hat That Gives Shades While Also Charges your Device On-the-go

SOLSOL: Mobile Charging Made Possible Without a Power Bank

Incorporating electronic in our day-to-day wears is no longer a new concept. Many have invested in such ideas we had “wearable power banks” such as a charging bag, a charging shirt, and possibly countless others more which blends clothing with electronics, minus the harms.

Solar Powered hat that charges your mobile devices
Solar Powered hat that charges your mobile devices

Adding in this line of wearable technology, is a hat that does not just give shades, it also charges your mobile devices on-the-go – SOLSOL™ Solar Powered Hats, developed by Unique Creative Ideas, LLC.

A portmanteau of the words “Solar Solutions,” SOLSOL™ Solar Powered Hats may look like your typical fashion caps often worn outdoors, but giving it closer look, you would find that there is something special about it, even just while looking it at from the outside. What some may take for simply as a design, this hat’s brim is filled with solar panels which act as the receptor for light energy which gives the cap the energy to charge your electronic devices, one gadget at a time.

SolSol Solar Powered Hat Charger
SolSol Solar Powered Hat Charger

Ideally meant to be stylish while at the same time handy for active people outdoors who live a digital lifestyle, each SOLSOL Solar Powered Hat comes in a variety of different color befitting the taste of its wearer like colors pink-black, pink-white, black-black, black-gray, black-gold, black-red, or black-camo, each of which appeals to certain personalities. The hat actually comes in two designs – baseball cap or bucket hat.

But perhaps what makes SOLSOL Solar Powered Hats a purchase-worthy investment is that it is powered by a renewable, clean energy which reduces your carbon footprint as gathered directly from a source where energy has most – sunlight.

While the concept of the product is amazing, how it was actually built amazes more. Able to run without a battery, each of this solar-powered hat employs a monocrystalline solar cells in addition to a kind of proprietary electronic power regulator, all of which gives power to the charging devices. Apart from the innovative hat, all that is required in order to utilize its convenience is a USB cord and a direct sunlight.

SolSol Cap
SolSol Cap

Created by two experienced individuals about technology, software, and solution products whose client’s involved top Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, Paul Cleveland and Edward Kim, the creation of the SOLSOL™ Solar Powered Hats required expertise and not something that was developed by luck. While names that may not be familiar to many, they are some of the people behind successful products like The Original Gripball, He-Man & The Masters of the Universe, and Hot Wheels.

With the purpose of bringing this wonderful technology into the market, both creators of SOLSOL Solar Powered Hats have launched an Indiegogo campaign for crowd-funding which was under the label of SOLSOL Revolution. With the right interest through a realized campaign, the wearable technology is said to power our common handheld devices like smartphones, digital cameras, and even existing handheld devices.

As early as now, SOLSOL Solar Powered Hats can be pre-ordered until February 21, 2015 whose pre-orders will be slated for delivery with certainty by April, 2016.

Interested buyers may pre-order themselves a piece of this technology by going to this link:

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