Instagram is one of the top social media websites now. From Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift to Ellen Degeneres and Ivanka Trump, a lot of people, from young to old, are using this photo-sharing application to let people know what they are up to and what are they planning to do next.

Instagram is one of the most popular apps now. [Image Credit: Pixabay]
Instagram is one of the most popular apps now. [Image Credit: Pixabay]

Not Everybody is the Same

However, not all people are using Instagram to inspire and share positivity with other people. Instagram is literally blowing up. With photos from travelers who are posing in front of Bali’s erupting volcano.

There are insensitive Instagrammers who strike poses while Mount Agung in Bali, located in the eastern swath of the popular Indonesia vacation spot, spews out plumes of gray smoke in the background.

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Although the photos may look creative and fun to look at, in reality, because of the volcano’s activity, it forced 100,000 locals to evacuate their homes, and the airport was shut down for three days which stranded 60,000 fliers. The possibility of a complete eruption is still possible, but in the meantime, the lava, ashes, sulfur, and carbon dioxide emotion are already threats to the air quality and agriculture of the country.

Mount Agung is still being monitored until now. [Image Credit: Express UK]

Disrespecting Other People’s Culture

Even in the middle of a crisis, some people still took the event as a good photo opportunity.

Some visitors from Bali posted photos of the volcano and added messages of hope and prayers for the island, which is acceptable. However, what is unacceptable is for Instagrammers who inserted themselves into the scene and strike different poses: jumping, using heavy filters, flaunting their bare skin in skimpy clothes, doing yoga poses, and even wearing huge smiles.

Here are some of the photos which angered people all over the world.

[Image Credit: raphbba/Instagram]
[Image Credit: baliusa/Instagram]
[Image Credit: roxannegeller/Instagram]
[Image Credit: dopingagen/Instagram]
[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit: echo_aroundtheworld/Instagram]
Selfie while Volcano in Bali is errupting [Image Credit: karina.kapris/Instagram]
Selfie while Volcano in Bali is errupting [Image Credit: karina.kapris/Instagram]

More Bali Mount Agung Erruption Instagram Posts

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What can you say about these users? Do you think there should be an imposed social media etiquette that all social media users should follow? How do you think it can help?

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