Lawiswis Organics – Puerto Princesa’s Secret Garden

There is something I’ve noticed through the years of my travels. It’s not always obvious, but I guess it’s always true. The skin of people in industrialized places is usually lacking a certain glow than people who participate in rural life have. Not just the skin, but the shine of their hair, the gleam in their eyes. When you head to less urban areas like Banaue in Mountain Province, you find people with naturally glowing skin.

organic products
Organic Massage Oils

I know, not everyone can live the rural life. In fact in the past fifty years more and more of the world’s people are moving into cities and starting to live in industrial society. The shame of it is that after living in cities, people tend to start losing that energy that comes from using the most natural products and foods that make the rural lifestyle so much better for us.

organic soaps
Soaps made from Organic Materials

Luckily, we don’t have to lose it completely. On Puerto Princesa Palawan, We visited a secret garden in Irawan called Lawiswis. Managed by an Ilonggo native, Jet Sales communes with nature by producing soaps, lotions and herbal supplements using all natural ingredients that doesnt harm humans and nature.

wooden ornaments
Wooden Ornaments in Lawiswis Secret Garden

Whether you have a sunburn or just want to feel refreshed and energized after a shower, you’ll find that these products make you feel and look like someone who isn’t trapped in the grind of city life.

shopping in Puerto Princesa
Lawiswis Organics

The truth is that our skin takes on what it comes in contact with and by using organically produced ingredients, these products protect you from the insecticides, oils, and chemicals that city life brings your way. I know this article looks like an advertorial but the truth is, Its Not!!! Time will come that we really have to go back to basics.. We should start using organically made products for wellness and to also to simply help our mother nature.

Stop contaminating yourself with more chemicals. Break your dependence on petroleum based products, pay a visit to Palawan’s Secret Garden at Lawiswis Organics and get some of that energy back into your life.

Lawiswis Organics
Iratag, Irawan, Puerto Princesa,
tel: +63 (920) 299 0956,
email: [email protected]

  1. Micamyx says

    Bumili nga pala ako nung sampaguita soap, but haven’t tried it yet.

    Naaalala ko pa rin yung kay yaya :)) sorry naman haha 😛

  2. melo says

    @Mica – Im using the sunblock and soap naw.. ok naman sila:) Buntis na kaya yung paa ni YaYa? LOL

  3. jen says

    Saan po exact location ng Lawiswis?

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