Kitsho’s Delectable Smorgasbord Spread Keeps the Festive Spirit Alive

Assorted Sashimi

Kitsho’s Delectable Smorgasbord Spread Keeps the Festive Spirit Alive

The festive mood that characterizes the summer months in the Philippines as the archipelago locales are engulfed in fiestas that highlight the hospitality and cultural heritage of the Filipinos.

Assorted fruits
Assorted fruits

Festivities carry on through the months as residents celebrate the abundance of fresh farm harvests and seafood. Often, ordinary days are lit up with happy moments. As the summer draws to an end, festive spirits escalate, reaching a fever pitch as everyone is caught up in these magical times.

Kitcho’s Buffet Spread

Kitsho’s buffet spread is prepared to capture this festive mood. The buffet is available in a variety of finger licking options. Diners are free to choose among scrumptious appetizers, sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi, and mouthwatering desserts. Other delightful treats available include freshly prepared main courses of meat and seafood.

Chef Mizumoto Masahiro cooking Sukiyaki
Chef Mizumoto Masahiro cooking Sukiyaki
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Talking about the restaurant’s outstanding cuisine and service, Executive Chef Mizumoto “Hiro” Masahiro says that guests will have more than 30 main dishes to pick from.

“With more than thirty options, our dining guests can choose what main dishes they want to savor,” Masahiro said. “The good thing is that it will be prepared fresh; only when the order is made and not something reheated from a display.”

Kitsho’s services are tailored to suit the varying needs of different clientele. Even when the group contains more than twenty people, the hotel will provide a ready buffet, provided you make early reservations. The buffet comes with beverages so that guests can enjoy their fill of their favorite draft beer, soft drink, coffee, and so on.

Assorted Sushi, Sashimi and appetizer
Assorted Sushi, Sashimi and appetizer

The restaurant sometimes lets guests sample some foods not available in the menu, for instance, the beef and Mizuna roll. Diners also get to enjoy the year round Special Occasion promo for those celebrating special occasions, in which celebrants of birthdays or anniversaries will enjoy a free cover with the 5 + 1 perk along with a complimentary cake. What’s more, Chef Hiro is set to roll out his homemade ice cream flavors in ice cream cups and pints.

Kitsho’s Delectable Smorgasbord Spread
Assorted Sashimi – Kitsho’s Delectable Smorgasbord Spread

Kitsho’s “All Food, All Drinks” smorgasbord treats are available at the restaurant on weekends during lunchtime (P1,110++) and dinner time (P1,250++). To get more information or book reservations, call (02) 994-36-23 or (02) 795-8888, local 2312.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Hotel Jen Manila along the bay area’s sunset strip, across the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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