Kadayawan Festival 2009 grand opening reset on Friday

The grand opening of the 24th Kadayawan sa Dabaw festivity was moved on Friday (Aug. 21) for the greater viewing of both citizens and tourists, this was explained Wednesday by City Tourism Officer Rizal Giovanni Aportadera.

Aportadera, said the soft opening of the festival on Monday should not dampen the spirits of the Dabawenyos who were expecting some grand event to open the city’s equally grand festival.

“It doesn’t mean that we didn’t start the Kadayawan celebration with a big bang that this year’s festivity wouldn’t be good. There has been a reshuffling of the events para rin mas marami ang makakita,” Aportadera said.

Kadayawan Festival 2009
Kadayawan Festival 2009

While Kadayawan is a whole-week affair, it has been the custom of visitors to arrive in droves towards the end of the week when the festival highlights like the Indak-indak (street danding) and floral float parade are scheduled.

For Irene Guimalan, an accounting clerk, she said she is happy with the rescheduling of the grand opening, since Friday is a holiday.

“Ayos ‘yan, dahil holiday, walang trabaho, at least we can concentrate viewing all the events,” she said.

Aportadera assured that the best is yet to come in the festivities.

“Considering we’ve planned the festival for one month, less than a month, we’ve done a lot,” Aportadera said.

The festival’s management is going smoothly, Aportadera added.


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